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  1. That bit of code seems to work fairly nice Celery, thanks. Doesn't stop everything, but it will stop the general idiot that jumps on wanting a few quick TK's. I will also take a look at the link you provided at some point PvPScene.
  2. Thanks, I shall check out both bits of code. The cancelling of all friendly fire seems like it will be of great use considering the amount of FF that goes on in a public server, with our owner reluctant to password it. All traffic matters as it happens :P Will update you as to how I get on, thank you.
  3. So I'm trying to create a basic method of stopping people (ArmA 2 Free Players specifically) from joining the game and instantly causing havoc around the spawn area. The means at which I want to do this is simply going by negative scores, and when they hit certain brackets get a particular warning and punishment. I know there are examples of this elsewhere like back in OFP with the Bananaphone thing but I want to try to nail the basics myself. Anyway, I have a trigger around the spawn area, just condition: this triggered by anybody which executes my "Protection.sqf". Protection.sqf I have a Doghouse called "Punish" to teleport people to that. It all works perfectly fine on Local Host, but fails on Dedicated. Probably something really stupid that I should know, but could use the help anyway, or suggestions on clearing up the code or making it more robust. All help and advice appreciated! Regards, Nemor.
  4. As others have said Norrin, your scripts have been great over the years. Myself and many others appreciate the hours you've put into these. Regards, Nemor.
  5. _cadaver = 0; That should remove a second body appearing.
  6. There isn't really set ways of deploying forces in any army. It always depends on the unique situation at hand, terrain, forces vs enemy forces ratio, areas you want to defend etc etc, the list goes on. As Celery put it, if you put your forces in as efficient a manner as you can see you're probably on to a winner. Take a look at an individual unit (in this case a Shilka) and determine it's strengths and position it to maximize it's strengths. Then take a look at it's weaknesses, and use other units and fortifications to increase it's defensive position as well as it's offensive capabilities. For example, if you place a Shilka on the top of a hill, it's probably at it's most effective in taking down enemy aircraft, then take into consideration masking the shape, so hide it in a forest or cover it with camo netting. Then you might realize that it can be easily approached by Infantry from the North and Northeast, but the South is a cliff so it will likely be safe from there. Now you place Infantry to patrol it's weakness, making it stronger. At that position Vehicles may find it very difficult to approach the area and it has one entry, on a road. Mine or tank trap that road. Long-winded way of getting a point across but I hope you get the idea. Every situation and position is unique, to standardize deployment would make all of your forces weak.
  7. Cheers for the follow ups guys, in case anyone is interested in the scripts I currently am using (hint seems to work just fine for me for the moment, but I may experiment with map notes and tasks at a later date, I just need something that works sooner rather than later) init.sqf Folders: Scripts\NP (As I plan to have a unit check for 3 seperate Factions) SITREP.sqf As you can see above, for the moment I have it on a cycle because often there can be too many units to put onto the screen all at once. SITREP_Infantry.sqf SITREP_Vehicle.sqf (Just posting this because I like to know that if Crew members are lost, is the Vehicle itself still serviceable?) Every vehicle has it's own unique name in the name field to check the vehicle, and every group has e.g. "NPTechnical1 = group this;" for calling the number of crew in every group. I will incorporate your code though shk as it will make my workload lighter in the future, not having to personally list every vehicle so many thanks, and to Demonized also. Only problems with this method, as it stands are; a) I have to cycle them because the hints screen and text can disappear off the bottom of the screen b) Vehicle alive returns either; true or false (Ideally like to have something in its place, but this isn't a breaker) SITREP Image 1 SITREP Image 2 SITREP Image 3 SITREP Image 4 SITREP Image 5 Edit: Wow shk only just noticed the example mission, I can't thank you enough for going that far. Much appreciated :]
  8. Thanks I have that all working in addAction now. Is there any way I can make it give me a comprehensive list without it missing or overriding details? What I mean is, if I have say 20+ groups, and I ask it to return the values for each group, hint will only show the last one (unless I put in countless sleeps) and sideChat/vehicleChat etc spams my screen. Is there a way I can have it popup information on all groups on titleText or something, so it displays all group strengths in one swoop and have it hover on my screen for x seconds, or even add it to my notes section or something? Thanks for the return count Andy. Edit: never mind it was \n
  9. Hey guys, looking to have an addAction on a High Commander who can request a SITREP from all specified forces under his command, and return a hint/sideChat as to how many units are remaining in the group. Right now I have a trigger doing this automatically but I'd prefer for him to be able to check the strengths, in detail, at will. In testing: Group 1 = CDFSection1 (has 10 units in total) Trigger: Condition: (count (units CDFSection1)) == 8; On Act: CDF_Commander sideChat "CDF Section 1 @ 80% strength." As I say, this all works fine but not as robust as I would like, besides there are going to be ALOT of groups under his command so I need something more versatile that will check all groups quickly and identify remaining numbers in each. Also, I realize that in a hint or sideChat there may be more units than this can handle scrolling at once (meaning he may miss some pertinant information). Any ideas on how to move forward would be appreciated. Regards, Nemor.
  10. _settings = [ _pool, _hq, _callsigns, _initialDelay, _autoReinforce _secOpDistances ]; _settings = [ _pool, _hq, _callsigns, _initialDelay, _autoReinforce, _secOpDistances, ]; I'm not sure if you require the comma after _secOpDistances as it's the end, but you missed it out on _autoReinforce therefore ending there although that wouldn't break it completely and I can't spot anything else personally as I'm still way newbie at scripting.
  11. Search for copy my stance here or on armaholic. That might be a start, I'd grab a link but it's 5am and I'm shattered.
  12. Strange indeed, after reboot I can no long reproduce this error... But after I deleted 8 Flags (Great Britain) which had actions, ACE Features resumed normal activity. The only way I could repro it is to release the training mission I designed with all the Scripts that load and I'm really not prepared to do that if I'm honest as it's exclusive to the Squad I'm in. Sorry :confused: Might be worth mentioning that I have alot of Bastion Walls in there, it's possible that with loading so many objects all with inits that it's a BIS problem rather than ACE.
  13. Seems like a daft question, even to me, but since this new update I started a new map (I got annoyed trying to rework an old ACE version) but now I can't use Goggles/Masks or enable EASA or Wounds System in my mission. It's weird coz I know how to set it all up but for whatever reason when I run my mission, on Preview/Local/Dedicated equally, these functions aren't available. They don't show errors either and I'm clueless as to where I'm going wrong :( Oh, I forgot the question, why? xD EDIT: After a great deal of trial and error, I found that if you take some of the new OA/BAF objects, and name them or put stuff into their init fields, it can sometimes stop ACE Modules/Features from working.
  14. Nemorz

    BAF voice

    Might try this out, but it's besides the point. Whilst I could script it into missions, I don't feel I should need to. You can select a myriad of American voices, why can't we pick different British accents? Oh, and the Brazilians aren't getting our Chally 2, it stays ours... They can have it when it's out of service ;)
  15. Nemorz

    BAF voice

    I, like Zaplin, really want to be able to select British Voices instead of US Voices. Mainly coz I want the Scottish Voice I heard in the Chopper :cool: A few other things worth mentioning; 1. Where the hell is the Challenger 2?! 2. The SUSAT has a RED triangle reticule, not GREEN. More often than not, in my experience, it doesn't even have a colour. 3. I like the Wallace Face, but no Claymore? :mad: