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  1. Quick question: does everyone on the mission have to be in the same TS channel for this to work? Or can ACRE work over multiple TS channels.
  2. I'm having problems with the AN/PRC 343, for some reason its blank white in areas. http://l6.imghost.us/FbU/ACREproblem.JPG I'm running the steam version of OA standalone. My mod line is -mod=@CBA_OA;@CBA;@ACRE;@jayarma2lib Any idea why this would happen?
  3. xPaveway

    Exploiting The Game?

  4. Nice description of the problem. Really have no idea what you are talking about.
  5. xPaveway

    New aircraft damage? Please?

    Big Dawg, how is putting your rotors through trees supposed to make a chopper explode? This is a bad system, for all vehicles, not just choppers. For example: hummer in a lake = explode after 10 seconds. What?? It would be nice to actually survive a crash so that you could be rescued instead of omgwtfbbq explosion if you so much as touch a tree.
  6. xPaveway

    VopSound 2.1

    Will the G36 variants be updated? I noticed they still have the vanilla sound :( I love the gun by the vanilla sound is terribad. The G36C and C supressed have updated sounds, but G36A and G36K do not. I also noticed that some of the Mk16 are not updated with the new Mk16 sound, more specifically the Mk16 iron sight CQC version and CQC holo.
  7. xPaveway

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    Because we all know just how smooth patching is, especially with the mixture of Steam, Retail, BAF, BAF lite and now beta patches.
  8. xPaveway

    Dutch Minister may ban remains in extremely violent games

    How will you explain fact when car driver kills your friend??? It's of course fault of letting people drive! Ban cars now!
  9. Ok thanks guys, we will let our server providers know they need to try getting BAF
  10. Hey all, On our servers we're currently getting the error message when attempting to load a map, and then it dumps us back to choose a mission screen. This started happening after patch 1.54. Anyone else getting this error or know what it means?
  11. And how easily I could circumvent your "anti-cheat".
  12. xPaveway

    1.54 artillery computer problem

    /facepalm It's important to mention if you are using mods or not...
  13. ... Those two shots are at different times of day.
  14. xPaveway

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    QFT I would like to see an official hotfix, this is becoming a pain to get this sorted out with our server provider.