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  1. UKUuUvDSXk4 Could signal a huge change in the games industry, imagine Arma with this tech. I'm not at all a graphics guy myself so what are those more knowledgables view on this?
  2. niall0

    Challenger 2

    UKFs Chally has been/is in the process of recieving an update, which has been worked on, scrutinized and molested by some sadder basterds than yourself, who have driven, comanded and shot these and other tanks, so I can assure you that if they noticed that a minor bit of armour was in the wrong place then the turret length is likely to be very accurate.
  3. niall0

    Codemasters Guildford Studio to close!

    Its only about 20 minutes down the road from me. Guildfords home to lots of games devs, Criterion, Bright Lights, Media Molecule and Lionhead aswell as pretty much EA UK it's self are all based there. So jobs wise theres likely to be other stuff around, plus it aint to far from London either.
  4. But, if I was British and in the military, the American chicks wouldn't be able to sit down for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks, well so many weeks it would be months. I think you only have Hollywood to blame for the false notion, as, for example in Navy Seals, with Charlie Sheen as a Navy seal, getting the sexy Arab woman, played by a Brit with her American Arab English Accent. Rambo too, Green Beret, he gets the sexy Asian chickaa. Dutch in Predator takes the tastey Latino girl home for alot more than a shower, I can assure you. As you can see, being SF sure does have its perks.
  5. if i was to join a branch it would be SAS I think. the prospect of parachuting behind enemy lines, with just a limited amount of kit, having to fend for our selves in denied Op's and blowing the living daylights out of some high value raghead target, home for tea and medals sounds too good. Plus its basically an instant ticket to plowing through all the good looking girls in the local. furthermore, it would mean I have a chance of making some money from writing a book and being an advisor for TV shows when I leave.
  6. niall0

    Will there be pre-ordered?

    Is the Pope not Catholic? Going off previous Arma releases, it is likely to be with a 'free' large printed map of the Island, or something similar.
  7. oh so thats why the sea was cold when i went swimming in it, always thought it would be the same temperature as the swimming pool
  8. Anyone got a script that allows for respawn of units on all 3 factions (Blufor, Opfor, Inde) in seperate places? Been having a nose about and can only seem to find them working for 1 side. Thanks in advance,
  9. if u ask nicely im sure Da12th may be able to talk to him about it, or at the very least chuck u his email address as hes a pretty decent and aproachable fella if ur not a nob
  10. Can some of the military guys on here give me an explanation of how easy/likely it is to hit a chopper with an RPG, cos I've been trying it in Arma and it's not easy, even on a stationary chopper. Also, why where they with Afghans? They might have been undercover Taliban opperatives or something, or may be even a cover for another Middle Eastern/Asia special forces also operating in this area. Maybe they were a suicide bomber who detonated, and it wasn't and RPG at all? Oh my, I think im on to something!
  11. niall0

    London Gaming Convention

    theres a few dev studios in Guildford that may due to locality, also Creative Assembly are in Horsham, that again isnt far.
  12. Sounds good, im from Redhill so it's really close. Know Edenbridge better than Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, but in general it's some nice terrain, perfect for some good infantry ops. Good luck with it
  13. http://www.sfxairsoft.org/sec36copehill.html I just found this for some references if its any use? Also, either Friznit or Da12thMonkey may soon PM with a huge collection of photos. ;)
  14. what bit of kent you basing it on? Cos im just the other side of the border in Surrey. Would be cool being in places I know
  15. niall0

    War Inc Battlezone

    It's, ermm... not the greatest of games in the world. Think a 3rd person Call of Duty on cocaine and you almost have this game... Let's just say it took me longer to download it than I did play it
  16. The suns website has been hacked by Lulzsec, stop making unfounded guesses.
  17. niall0

    Refund? Possibly?

    What do u call a decent FPS? As this ain't call of duty, so you can easily play it on 15-20 FPS with very little issue. Infact, very few people run it at the much coverted 60+fps easily
  18. niall0

    Please change the name!

    I agree, the name doesn't sound catchy enough. It doesn't have the kind of name where people hear of it, then look into it to see what exactly it is. Neither does it have the kind of name that people can automatically place it and take their interest from there. Take on could be percieved as taking it on as in you vs the Helicopters, or taking on the challenge of flying the choppers
  19. Is the latest version of TS not compatible with ACRE? As I updated and now in the main TS Text channel (says who is online, offline ect.) after ACRE Plugin has initialized it will constantly write up OK 5 or so seconds apart
  20. Have you got the mod running then? Because it definatly is in Blufor < UK Armed Forces < UKF Tracked for me.
  21. niall0

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    Undo/Redo function is about the only thing not mentioned 2/3 times in here. The amount of times i've bollocksed somthing up and had to re do it is a pain in the arse. The drop down weapon select thing sounds a really good idea too, glad im not the only person who thought it logical
  22. niall0

    submarine, walk in cargo, ships?

    Chainsaws would be good, but what about picks so you can club sheer rock faces then impale them into enemies. Or just bayonets.
  23. It must be an English thing to want bayonets and shooting from vehicles. Also, enhanced optimisation for the engine, increasing stability and all that mumbo jumbo
  24. niall0

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas