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    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    That is exactly how I would describe the BIS mods as well. Remember when the claimed several video game sites were involved in a conspiracy against them because they didn't give 100% positive previews? Or when that polish (or was it german?) review came out listing all the bugs in the campaign and they claimed none of those existed and lambasted them as unprofessional, right up until forum members got their hands on copies. It is their name to use. They own the franchise fair and square.
  2. Drake3571

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    the damned cannons on the helicopters don't even spin. Think of every single game - shooter, vehicle, arcade, simulator - that featured an oversized rotary machine gun and think how many of them didn't animate the barrels spinning. None that I can recall. This is like when FPSs from the nineties had machine guns with static ammo belts or no cartridge ejection because it was too much for the engine to handle. This just infers so much about the quality of the game it's distressing. Either their attention detail is so lacking they honestly didn't notice such a thing (and who knows what else was missed), or the engine is so taxed they had to cut that simple animation. And it's not exactly looking pretty to begin with, compared to any next-gen action game. And that's taking into account the scale. interiors are bare. The parts with the choppers looked on par with Battlefield 2. Please don't mistake me for some fanboy who wants CM to "die die die :mad:" because I view them as some competition to Arma. I was very disappointed with Arma2 and was rooting for OFP2 to deliver a decent game. I posted on the official forums. Look at the hilarity that ensued: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showthread.php?t=381179 Watch for the Moderator posting and how everyone blacklashes against him when he tries to troll the thread.
  3. Minor spoilers. After everything fades to black in the campaign some text plays across the screen detailing what happened to everyone involved afterwards. I hope it's more Afghanistan than Khazakstan. Desert theme would be nice, although I would prefer the OFP1 style of more scripted missions that at least guarantee a decent battle rather than the free-form stuff. And I think we can all agree that an expansion pack is inevitable, right guys?
  4. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=83717 Am I psychic or what?
  5. and that is why I lied. The company that made them is about to go bankrupt, they're not going to order a cease & desist. Microsoft and Bungie certainly never did when people used Halo assets in OFP. We gain nothing and lose everything by respecting digital rights. Now we have to wait months for someone to make the same models we already have ready for download right here. These pics have even gotten coverage on other forums. Considering how dead the modding scene is right now we could do with something that gives a complete set of units. On the plus side I only got an infraction and it was because of direct linking to pics of the models >100kb (I thought that was for the dedicated Arma photography threads only?). edit: some more complete pics of the models. 12 people have downloaded the pack so far. hope one of them knows how to animate. the jpeg format washed a lot of the colour out so the red eyes hardly show. http://i32.tinypic.com/2vs4u1g.jpg http://i32.tinypic.com/9s9yrq.jpg compare to this to see why I didn't really show this one http://screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/harvester.jpg http://i28.tinypic.com/fktche.jpg notice the 3 separate camera balls? the bottom 2 have searchlights built into them. http://i28.tinypic.com/2n0vhqp.jpg http://i30.tinypic.com/14vu1as.jpg I like how the small turbines are housed inside the fuselage. http://i26.tinypic.com/rmp4dt.png http://i28.tinypic.com/2lus7yv.png
  6. Drake3571

    Single player is broken!!!

    One of the missions can not be completed. I'd call that broken. You must be in complete denial to ignore all the scripting and trigger errors the game has.
  7. Thanks. They're all around 8000 polys apart from the HK which is about 15000. They were originally made for a different engine. I am happy to share if someone feels they can get them ingame. They look pretty in an editor but they're not much use if you can't play with them.
  8. 125 kb So time for some info. I did these models a while back for a mod that never took off. It was from before the film came out so they're based on the trailers. I sent them to an internet buddy of mine to texture them and he did an okay-ish job. I have no knowledge of making a bone structure that matches Arma's soldier class and animating them. I posted a topic asking for tutorials and help ages ago but no one's responded. Are there any modders here who want to see if they can do a quick and dirty model swap of the HK with the Osprey? Or with one of the motorbikes?
  9. New to Arma2 modding. Want to start off with a basic animation that rotates the wrist 180 degrees left to right in all infantry units, so I started looking at Arma1 tutorials and wikis. Been following this one http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_How_to_animate_a_model I unpacked the config.bin from characters.pbo and characters2 but nothing helpful. Is there a more hand-holding tutorial? Can you change the Infantry class so all units inherit the new animation from it or do i need to make my own custom unit? Thanks.
  10. A mod that makes the shooting mechanics like Trespasser's, one of the most technically amazing games ever made. http://downloads.gamezone.com/demos/d1194.htm A demo if you've never tried it. Fans of iron sights and realistic aiming will love it. I know it's clunkier than what Arma2 uses right now, i know it won't work at distances greater than 500m, but I've never had a system make a gun feel more real, like it's an actual object with moving parts and functions rather than a polygon frame. It's great for Arma2 due to the number of guns and the way you can already move the character's arms to some extent when aiming. Every single gun modded in would be so enhanced by this. You can have it 2 handed and no need to have the arm fully extended like in Trespasser. I wouldn't bother trying to make the animations look natural, too complex and it would hinder everything. May as well have arms that bend back on themselves.
  11. Drake3571

    Badlands Incompletable

    You yourself said you can't complete the mission (collecting evidence does not contribute to ending the mission). Stop being so sychophantic. It's a broken product. one side mission is assassinating a NAPA guy (declinable), the other is some civis driving up to you and asking you to help protect their village. Evidence comes from talking to the civis in the 4th village and defending the village previously mentioned.
  12. Drake3571

    ArmA2:OHMOD Preview

    cool. I'm a huge fan of the WZ-9.
  13. Drake3571

    Badlands Incompletable

    you use ctrl+spacebar
  14. I could dig that. Would suit the eastern units well.
  15. It would be nice to have a vehicle in the game that could lock on from outside one hundred metres.
  16. isn't that the official-ish mod from BIS for Arma1 that has stalled completely?
  17. Drake3571

    Badlands Incompletable

    the problem with endmission cheat is that ALL objectives are completed, including killing the NAPA leader which I specifically declined to do. Remember when the first reviews said the campaign could not be completed and the devs said they were shocked and had no knowledge that anything was wrong with the campaign, and that the magazines were liars and unprofessional. What a load of BS that turned out to be.
  18. OFP cold war crisis campaign conversions with briefing pics, voice overs restored.
  19. I take all 4 towns. It then triggers a conversation with some civis leaning against some railings, get 1/2 evidence and then nothing. Do I need to get the 2nd piece? Do all enemy units within a 100 miles need to be dead? What?
  20. Drake3571

    Unable to complete Badlands.

    I went back to the HQ and found the civis asking for protection. Got the second piece of evidence but still nothing. Once you conquer all 4 towns the Objective Complete flashes up. then the evidence objective flashes up twice before the Conquer region task flashes up again as incomplete.
  21. It doesn't matter. Even if you could control them the mission can't be completed.