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  1. Hey I have some trouble with the use of ArmA1 plants and buildings in visitor. The plants do not work and only some of the buildings have texture. What I have done is: Downloaded CAA1. Unpbo the fx "caa1_p_plantsClassic", moved folder to P drive, and tried to use them in visitor. When I view in Bouldozer the trees are not showing up (lack texture ect)... I should be able to use the ArmA 1 objects in ArmA 2, right???? Need ArmA 1 stuff for my island, but how do I do it. (btw, I can run Caa1 i arma2, works fine, some of the trees seems to have bad texture).
  2. Ok, that is strange indeed, oceantile closer to middle of map, being affected by infinite land. Must be an engine bug. Have you tried experimenting with the costal outline, or texture size?
  3. Balistic

    Buildings overview

    Thx, a lot, allso to the guys gathering those index, true timesavers. I need some of the arma stuff for my ArmA II map.
  4. Ok, thx for answer. I will consider a coastline then. I can see on Cheranus, that the eastern part is also a coastline, this might be the reason.
  5. Hey I have been serching for several hours, and I cant find it. Is there a document containing pictures and names of ArmA buildings and objects?
  6. The pictures above shows how the borderline looks in Visitor and in game (looking S). The Hightmap is 512, same as texture and satmap. But seems it does not fit in the Visitor screen (a bit too small). Or maybe this is a texture problem?? Well, in the end it is. How, do I get rid of that ugly borderline, between map and out of map?? (The edge should be terrain).
  7. Hi Spend some weeks on gathering info on mapmaking and experimenting. When I load up my map in Visitor 3 I have a small white border to the east along the edge. When I put my map into the game, I have strange texture anomilies along this eastern edge of the map. Is it not posible to have landmass along the easteren edge of the map, or should this be water?? I am making a map with almost only landmass.
  8. Why not move 16GB of stuff from your harddrive to the USB stick and then use harddrive?
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    Hi Bushlurker Got no programming background either, but inheritance makes sence, leaves question: What kind of fella is grandfather CAWorld?
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    Hi Spoetnik Thx, for the quick reply. The thing is, I have the samplemaps (both for ArmA and ArmA2, and the Podagorsk and Duala map). I can see the config and try to compare. But I would like a deeper understanding of the commandlines, fx: What exactly does this mean? class Utes: CAWorld class TUT_SampleMap: Utes (( TUT_SampleMap are to use Configs from the CA directory, or what, why then bring Utes in the picture?)) ((Above taken from the ACE tut, below is from Cheranus map). access = 3; worldId = 4; cutscenes[] = {"ChernarusIntro1"}; description = "$STR_DN_CHERNARUS"; icon = ""; worldName = "\ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp"; pictureMap = ""; pictureShot = "\ca\chernarus\data\ui_selectisland_chernarus_ca.paa"; plateFormat = "ML$ - #####"; ((Some of this is obvius, but....)) "plateFormat = "ML$ - #####";" ??? access = 3; ??? worldId = 4; ??? What I am loking for is a document or a wiki, saying something like this: plateFormat = "ML$ - ##### // Commandline to specify the bla bla bla
  11. Hey I have been looking for weeks after somewhere to find dokumentation on the Island config. The Biki seems not to include anything on island config? Of course I can depbo the Cheranus or (whatever map), and try to copy the lines after applying guesswork to what the meaning of these commandlines are. But is there anywere a dokumentation to what the different commandlines in islandconfig means?
  12. Balistic

    FPS drop CPU at 40-50%

    Thx, for reply. you are propably right. But anoying to see performance drop, when CPU hardly gets to work.
  13. Hi When things get really hot or I am in a city (mp), my FPS drops from around 30 to 5-10 and then comes back up agian. I have noticed that my CPU never gets used beyound 50%, so there is a lot more CPU-power to pull. Can it be my graffic card that is the bottleneck? Is there some optimisation I can do? Another thing, in MP my FPS is around 25-35, no matter what settings I use. Setup: QQ6600 at 3.0 GTX260 overclocked 4mb Ram Windows xp