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  1. Same problem here. Win 7 x64 Ultimate. "Connection failed" error 99% of the time. No better by disabling windows firewall. Also - coming out of ArmaII after having tried multiple (falied) times to connect seems to bugger my Windows DNS ability - web pages don't load for around 3-4 minutes after exiting the game in any web browser, then seem to come back to life. WTF. indeed.
  2. @Frag_AU Yes, I disabled HT in the bios, and I'm using FRAPS. Will post ArmaMark results with various settings (normal, high, very high) a bit later this evening South African time.
  3. I've applied the new SLI patch from Nvidia and ditched the nHancer profile. In the first mission, trial by fire, AVG FPS have gone up to 100. In death valley, it drops to around 80fps. Same settings as before on page 2 of this thread, except I've upp'ed shadows to "high". When I get home later I fully intend on trying out the settings you've mentioned there and optimising the visual quality of the game step by step. My first objective was to ensure smooth FPS with SLI working properly. Considering the temps I get on my 295 are now in the 80's - which compares with 3DMark Vantage and Furmark for me, I think I can tick that box. Now to play around with tweaking settings in anticipation of my 1920x1080 edge-lit LED Samsung 23 incher which arrives fairly soon. Will keep updating as I discover the results and try ArmaMarkII. Cheers
  4. The new SLI profile patch from Nvidia works better than my nHancer profile :) Have you tired it yet ?
  5. thewusman

    Nvidia SLI profile patch for arma2

    I can confirm this SLi profile update works. For those who are interested - herewith my initial success with reinstalling windows and using a custom nHancer profile: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=78725 I renamed the demo .exe to arma2.exe. I closed nHancer completely. I ran the game. In game menus have shot up to around 200fps. The first mission - trial by fire - my average FPS are anywhere from 90 to 130 :eek: Settings are all on normal, except for post processing on high, 1680 x 1080, aliasing disabled and view distance 2890m. We're finally getting somewhere SLI owners !
  6. The newer builds don't automatically mean better performance. I played around with numerous beta's before settling on RC1. It's been very solid so far, no reason to try the others. Then again - no 2 machines are the same. Unless we've all got Macs. RTM is about 2 weeks away.
  7. Use it, don't use it. I've managed to get it up from 30 to 40 fps to the FPS mentioned above. Settings consistently as per the image: I'd call that something - you think ? I take it you're referring to ingame settings, not ingmae settings.
  8. Hi All, I performed a clean install yesterday of Windows 7 RC64 bit and have finally, using the demo, managed to get ArmaII working as I'd like it on my GTX 295. I have been plagued by low FPS (30 to 40) max for the past 2 weeks and seem to finally have cracked it: I first used 182.50 drivers on a clean install, then upgraded to 186.18 after other games were giving issues with 182.50 and they did not want to downclock after leaving performance 3D modes. The trick for me, as mentioned by someone else on this forum, was nHancer. Using the latest version, I created an ArmaII profile, selecting SLI stereo and hybrid mode. It was enabling the hybrid mode that did it for me. I game in 1680x1080 res on a Samsung 2232GW. My menu FPS are 120 to 130fps. My in game FPS are between 60 and 90, averaging somewhere near 70 on the first "trial by fire" mission. System specs: Windows 7 64 bit RC1 Nvidia 186.18 drivers Gigabyte GTX 295 using Evga Precision tool @ 650 core/1400 shader/1180 memory Asus Rampage II Extreme ROG m/b Core i7 920 @ 3.7 with Thermalright Extreme 1366 cooler G.Skill 128 Falcon SSD 6 Gigs Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3 1800mhz @ 1850mhz All inside a Coolermaster Cosmos S with good airflow. I'll try export and save my nHancer profile for others to use - it's definitely the implementation of the SLi mode on nHancer which did it for me. Anyhow - hope this helps others. Cheers Wusman :)
  9. I upgraded to a Gigabyte GTX 295 on Friday in preparation for Arma2. (Fresh install of Windows 7 RC 64 bit, which is what I was running previously) Imagine my amazement when the GTX 280 I took out of my machine which managed a solid 60fps in the the game is now running at about 30fps on the GTX 295 with every tweak mentioned in this forum having been tried. And that's 30fps with major stuttering. I managed ~5,500 in ArmaMark with my GTX 280 and G.Skill falcon SSD at 1680x1050 with the recommended benchmarking settings on another thread. It's about half that now FFS. Hope they fix this soon. Full system spec: Asus Rampage II Extreme ROG Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.7 with Thermalright Extreme 1366 cooler Gigabyte GTX 295 (previously XFX GTX 280) G.Skill Falcon 128 SSD WD Velociraptor 300 and Seagate 7200.11 500 for storage 6 Gigs OCZ Gold DDR3-2000 RAM @ 1850Mhz Samsung T220 1680 x 1050. If this system cannot beat the living #%%$ out of ARMA2 at my gaming resolution, then ARMA2 = Epic Fail. rofl. fwiw - the above system's 3DMarkVantage GPU performance score = 21,800. go figure.