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  1. jhoson14

    Cant tell if arma 3 alpha is updating

    @A1UR Uninstall Physx, download it again and install it by marking the program to run as admin. http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9.12.0613-driver.html There's no need to download the game again, the error is related with the Physx software.
  2. jhoson14

    Tower of Altis Hotel

    I can already see some nice mission's. SWAT team entering by helo and trying to free some rich people who are now hostages With LOT's of room's to clear *-*
  3. Load editor and test all guns and vehicles :D
  4. jhoson14

    When are you buying Arma 3?

    Will be crushing my F5 on the day =x
  5. jhoson14

    Which version will you be buying?

    If i had money to spare would make sure to buy a supporter, but since i'm very shorty on money will go with Alpha. But will make sure to buy all DLC's for ArmA 3 when they come out ^^
  6. jhoson14

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Really nice to see some news. The guys walking the same way is a little weird. And noticed the Grass Draw distance, seems to be the same as ArmA II =\ (Wish it was a little more farther )
  7. Its not a PC game, but... Front Mission 3. The game have 2 endings with more than 50 hours each one. A awesome plot, with a good mix of politics and schemings, tactical gameplay and mechas blowing each other.I have spent more than 1,400 hours in this game and yet i found myself taking the dust of my old Playstation just to play it. And S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Shernobyl.
  8. jhoson14

    More realistic/depressing feeling

    Well, to me its diferent. Since i play in more realistic servers, do a kamikaze and get some weeks banned ^^ and there's no respaw after getting killed. Try running like a rambo in the open after being spotted and get killed in seconds.
  9. jhoson14

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    To be honest, i'm more cool with wating this time. (With A2 i was almost eating my finger's ) Let BIS get the time needed, when its ready we will be able to play for days without sleep! (hope there are no serious problems with Phsyx to be holding Alpha this much )
  10. jhoson14

    More realistic/depressing feeling

    Remeber, this is ArmA! Bullets here really kill with a few hits. The player isnt a sponge that will heal after hiding for a few secs. If some one is spraying at your position, that means what? Get hit by 2 or 3 shots and its gameover... In a TvT is wait for next map!
  11. jhoson14

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I want physical copy as my ArmA2 and OA.
  12. 1° ArmA 3 will have some sort of backpack like ArmA 2 OA? (havent seen any on Screenshots) 2° If yes to backpack. It will be space based(like ACE) or slots like OA? 3° Since the Soldier's can change uniforms, does it mean that will be possible to model only the gear rather than it all togheter?
  13. Something i still have hopes for. Full 3D editor!
  14. "we’d like to expand the Chernarus theme in the Arma 3 engine" My english isnt so good, but this sentence seems to mean more a port for A3 than some fixes for A2 :confused:.
  15. jhoson14

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Was screaming like a little girl "News!!!" and when i come in, nothing T-T