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  1. thanks a bunch ice /oops didn't work.. Ui file was dated 5/30/09 perhaps it's been updated?
  2. Sounds great. Have no way of getting these replacement files atm though. voted ;)
  3. Same prob here. Using steam as well. Posted in troubleshooting area as well.
  4. Getting this as well in muliplayer. Deleted all and reinstalled twice.
  5. RAYtracer

    1.03 Performance

    I get this whenever I try and join a multiplayer game. I can join still but msg pops up occasionally. Also other config.bin msgs occur but can't remember exact name for each. Only happens when joining multiplayer, single player is fine. I uninstalled and deleted arma2 from my steam dir and all remnants including files in my documents and reinstalled, twice. I am still getting these errors. Other than that, the game runs much better now.
  6. RAYtracer

    Sahrani Evolution!

    Much thanks, Starting to fiddle with it now. ;)
  7. RAYtracer

    3D surround sound

    If you have an XFI/Audigy2 type and want the same bloated package of soundblaster crap with a few tiny gems like cmss,7.1,eax,and interface goodies install off your install cd as administrator and in vista mode by right clickin it.. then update over the main driver with the beta one on the creative website. Everything works on my end with win7rc64. Although crackling bug is still present at times. I do have 5.1 again at least. I had the first Soundblaster card developed back in the day and the parrot and even Dr.Sbaitso never crackled at me. Well.. no I guess the parrot did. Goodluck X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series qx6700/8gigram/9800gx2scc/win7rc64/680i nforce
  8. RAYtracer

    how to fix levitation bug ?

    All hail the floating levatating tires of Chernarussia! Praise be to the visage of the michelian man!
  9. People will argue with me about this but I think your best course of action is to just install windows7.. It's what I would tell my Mom to do if I ever let her call me for tech support again.. "shudder" If you were a seasoned vet of computer taking apartness.. i would say get a copy of xp 64bit and watch the frames fly by in arma2 slighty faster than win7.... but then you are sorta playing with fire since it's an aging OS and you are getting all mechanical doing all that work for one computer game.. You have nice parts and spend more time not gaming so upgrade to the new girl on the block. Get the free version of windows 7 that is out there. It is really easy to install goes on quick and it pretty much takes care of everything for you.. ie: the general public.. It will do updates automatically for your video drivers to the newest reliable flavor and you can go from there. Of course backup important stuff you have in case rabid chickens attack during the process.. Start to finish took about hour/ hour n a half for me.. was a breeze. When I went from vista 64-win7 64 everything pretty much stayed the same for me it moved all my programs and files over and I didn't have to reinstall much ... I don't know if your sad clown screensaver from 1998 will work there but he needs to be put down anyways. Microsoft screwed up on vista so they want everything to go smooth for windows7.. plus it's free right now and your going to have to do it sooner or later anyways. I've been there man..with xp 32bit/ 4gigs of ram for 2 years.. Weird problems all around.. Bleeding images.. blurry crap.. stuff that cant be explained. You have a Frankenstien machine like I did. 64 bits will fix it. Goodluck on ya!
  10. RAYtracer

    3D surround sound

    Good god.. Spent three hours going through driver sets and tweaking my xfi fatality in win7 trying to figure out why 5.1 didn't work only to find out...... My rear wireless speakers were not plugged in. ;)
  11. Awesome mish man. I played it for about 5 hours last night and still haven't finished. Part where the APC gets hit by the hind blew my mind.. guys crawling around injured.. this game is nuts.
  12. RAYtracer

    Logitech G15 and the G's

    My apologies. :(
  13. RAYtracer

    Survival East/West

    like these endurance runs. Nice ;)
  14. RAYtracer

    best missions?

    Just a side note here.... I think the mods should split this forum area into two parts... One for single player missions Other for Multi. Might be missing something but I always have to go a few extra steps when installing these to find out where to put them and sometimes it does not even say.
  15. Spacebar works fine for me.. My biggest gripe is dead enemy still show up as the same color. All of my TKs come from my own team member being in front of a dead body and when I hit spacebar, I see RED. After clearing out a town it's hard to tell if the dead truly are dead. And with your mates running around near those bodies it makes it even worse. Color the dead a different shade and all would be well imo.