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  1. Seems to work fine for me. I clicked the file patching box in the launch menu, enabled the mod by clicking the YQ box in the "esc" screen in-game. Is there a way to have enemies that "you" see highlighted in the same way your teams' targets are reported?
  2. Hi all. It's been a while. Finally picked up Arma3 this weekend with the Steam sale. I have been thinking about a new build for a while, but haven't really been following the hardware advances. I built my current rig specifically for Arma2 the month it was released, so it's five years old (I did upgrade the GPU 2 years ago). Runs ok for some small skirmishes, but I really like setting up large battles to observe, command, or just jump into the boots of a random soldier and fight. My question: I noticed that an i7 is about $100 more than an i5. Worth it for Arma3? I was thinking of a new build, adding more and faster RAM, and keeping my 560GTX. But, if I go with a i5, I will bank that $100 towards a new video card later. Thoughts?
  3. arthur666

    Predator Animals

    I am terrified of donkeys. Please, no donkeys. I support the idea as a module like the OP stated, but not in vanilla gameplay. I think most animals are smart enough to be terrified of people, especially groups of people.
  4. Hmmm.... I was hoping that this would adjust the movement of the aim point after the gun fires, and not the "kick" of the gun. Oh well.
  5. arthur666

    Sahrani Rearmed

    Nice, but some soldiers have mis-matched skin tones faces/arms.
  6. This has been my #1 peeve since June 2009. Thank you. Now I have alot of homebrew mechanized squad missions to revisit.
  7. Is it possible to do this without the helicopter joining another group?
  8. I need a civ helo to turn INDEPENDENT after passing a certain waypoint, so that OPFOR will consider it hostile. What should I type into the waypoint "on activation" box? The chopper is called hip1 This doesn't work: {_x setside INDEPENDENT;} foreach crew hip1
  9. I am running ARMA2+OA+BAF+PMC. I just switched to Windows 7 not long ago. My singleplayer missions used to be saved in the appropriate folder in the main directory. I just tried saving a new mission from the editor, and I don't know where it is. That folder is now empty. What gives?
  10. Doesn't seem to work. I think I'll just change the sleep to a few minutes so that the ACM activates later, just not at the beginning of my mission.
  11. Thanks, I will test it tonite.
  12. I have it set up with the init.spf and it works, but I want to use my ACM to spawn random foot patrols only after a trigger initiates. How would I do this? // BIS_ACM is module name. waitUntil {!isNil {BIS_ACM getVariable "initDone"}}; waitUntil {BIS_ACM getVariable "initDone"}; sleep 5; [0.8, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc; [bIS_ACM, 300, 800] call BIS_ACM_setSpawnDistanceFunc; [["GUE"], BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setFactionsFunc; [0.1, 0.7, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setSkillFunc; [0.5, 0.95, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setAmmoFunc; ["ground_patrol", 1, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc; ["air_patrol", -1, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc; [bIS_ACM, ["GUE_InfSquad", "GUE_InfTeam_1", "GUE_InfTeam_2", "GUE_MilitiaSquad"]] call BIS_ACM_addGroupClassesFunc; BIS_ACM_removeGroupClassesFunc;
  13. arthur666

    ArmA 2 OA Beta Build 83015

    I think we're on the right track here. Missions on Chernarus seem to play out better now. When assaulting thru forests, my squad is not getting pinned down by unseen enemies as much as before. I like this beta, though I have no hard data. Just has a better feel. Hopefully not just a placebo effect. :rolleyes:
  14. arthur666

    ArmA 2 OA Beta Build 83015

    Coincidence! Here I was, just pondering a large forest battle. Back to my Chernarussian roots. :) I will build a mission tonite and try beta vs vanilla.