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  1. I'm getting the 'corrupt' message for patches aswell from my new DL/reinstall from Sprocket (WIN7 bombed on me so i've had to reload everything) Please please dont tell me I got to wait on another 6hr DL from Sprocket again, and 'hope' it fixes it :/ My fresh reinstall is sitting at 1.05.62017 and running beautifuly. Do I need to patch for OA/BAF/PMC? or will it do it automatically as I install each of them.
  2. sehun

    ION, Inc.

    Could someone PM me those pws and login etc, gettign a headache now from getting nowhere , thnx :)
  3. This is looking amazing,cant wait (am currently watching my library of SG1 and Atlantis aswell) Will there be a M.A.L.P (perhaps as a mobile ammo box :P) Jafar scoutship or a puddle jumper I could go on , but you probably hate me already:P Great stuff guys,keep it up :)
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by pillpopper123 Hi there Is there a way to turn off the main missions and just keep side missions and random patrols?. Thanks for your work.. I've allready implemented it. Will be available as a parameter in the server lobby in the next version. Means, you then can start Domi without main targets and only play sidemissions. One thing though, you won't get any bonus vehicles I want to add at least 10 new sidemissions before a new release. Totally groovy , nice one Xeno
  5. I get the feeling this was chopped off the OA release so it could be released for us to pay for ,when in my mind , it should have been in OA to begin with. As it stands at the moment , I have a bad gut feeling for paid for DLC extras for this game
  6. sehun

    FV432 British APC

    Brings a tear to my eye , last drove these in my service days in the late 80s early 90s , I am forever in your debt for you bringing these into the game , I take my hat off to you mate.
  7. 1 , Its moron , not morron 2, You dont have to play domination , noone is forcing you to 3, People like Xeno do this for free , so some thanks for his work is probably forthcoming
  8. Loving the port over of Dom to OA Xeno mate , is there and ACE revive coming soon :) Other than thats awesome as always.
  9. Just an update about LPGS , they've also managed to get us up and running now as combined ops and not just OA.
  10. LOWPINGGAMESERVERS.COM..............awesome. Used them for ARMA2 for a good while now , highly recommend them. Set up OA on release day, up and running fine , and the customer service is out of this world.