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    5.1 Surround Sound Not Working.

    In regard to your receiver, the page you linked hardly gives any information, and I'm not finding anywhere else to confirm if it supports multichannel analog input or not, but I'm guessing it doesn't. As for DTS Connect, Creative isn't the only one who makes cards that support it, Auzentech and Asus make other notable options.
  2. kylebisme

    5.1 Surround Sound Not Working.

    Sounds like you are using a digital coaxial or optical connection between your computer's sound device and your receiver, eh? That will only allow stereo output at most for uncompressed sound. To get surround sound though such a connection you'd need a sound device which supports DDL or DTS Connect, or if your receiver supports multichannel analog input you can get uncompressed surround sound though those.
  3. If it didn't show the the tearing I wouldn't have posted it, but perhaps it is happening too quick for you to notice, in which case pausing the video at the rights spots should allow you to see it. Tearing is when the top portion of the refresh and the bottom portion(s) are from different frames, resulting in a horizontally disjointed image. Here is a small picture example I googled which has circles around where the tears are most obvious. As for what ArmA2 is using for a depth buffer, I can't rightly say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is a 32bit z-buffer, as even that isn't enough to avoid z-fighting with extreme view distances.
  4. Nor should tripe buffering have any effect on z-fighting. If they were using a 16bit z-buffer the z-fighting would be far worse than it is. Also, for refrence sake; this is screen tearing.
  5. kylebisme

    Full screen with lower resolution?

    Resolution scaling options are in your videocard's driver control panel. There is no need to run ArmA2 at a lower though, you can just run 1080p screen resolutions and lower the rendering resolution lower separately.
  6. kylebisme

    White soldiers actually can jump.

    ArmaII needs jetpacks! Jetpacks make every game better. :p Seriously though, improved mobility would be nice. It would be great if we could traverse a proper obstacle course comparable to a fully loaded solder in real life, and pick lighter kits for yet better freedom of movement.
  7. kylebisme

    CPU Vs GPU

    Resolution is all GPU. If you can run the game well at a low resolution, then a faster GPU will get it running well at a higher ones.
  8. ArmA2 is very CPU heavy, but how much CPU you need really depends on what framerate you want. Can you lower the graphics settings and get the framerate you want with your current GPU? If so, then a faster card will allow you to get the same framerate at higher settings. However, if you aren't pleased with the way the game runs at even the lowest settings, then you should look into getting a faster CPU too.
  9. kylebisme

    ArmA 2 on PlayStation 3

    Sure, and people sit much closer to them than they generally do TVs as well, which evens things out in the long run, For example, a 50" 1080p TV at 6.5' the same fidelity as a 23" 1080p monitor at 3'.
  10. Does any game get a notable benift from Hyperthreading? I've been leaving it off.
  11. kylebisme

    Is it me or the game?

    Turning antialiasing down or better yet off would likely help the most of anything you could do settings wise. lowering the visiablity would help too.
  12. kylebisme

    ARMA 2 Fails As PvP Game...What Happened?

    Sure, "playable", but if BIS would put a few weeks into making a collection of missions that play well, and host a few official servers in various locations to give everyone a good place to play them, I'd bet multilayer would catch on a whole lot better than it otherwise is. As it stands, I can only ever find around a dozen servers with green pings, and they are generally hosting some custom coop nonsense and the occasional goofy thrown-together CTF map. At this point I can count the number of decent games I've found on one hand.
  13. kylebisme

    Is it me or the game?

    Even though all four cores aren't being fully utilised, overclocking the CPU would or getting a faster one would help, as would more GPU if you want to turn the graphics settings up. As for graphics, at least if your 9800GT is a 1GB model, adding a second would be the best bang for the buck.
  14. kylebisme

    computer for arma 2

    From what I've seen the C2Qs do a good bit better: http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,687620/ArmA-2-tested-Benchmarks-with-18-CPUs/Practice/ I don't see why they wouldn't either as the game spreads across all for cores on my Ci7.
  15. kylebisme

    computer for arma 2

    I have 6GB of RAM on a Ci7 setup and not even half of it is used while playing this game, so 4GB is fine if you are going C2Q. Other than that, get the fastest CPU and GPU setup you care to, the game is rather demanding on both.
  16. It is the same in the full version, but you can hop in one of the bigger gunned vehicles yourself and make short work of it.
  17. kylebisme

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    While I obviously can't speak for your experience, I explained the way functions work in the game. By the way, this is also explained in the manual, page 28: Move Mouse Left/Right: Default Turn (Yaw or Rudder Left/Right, based on current speed)
  18. kylebisme

    VOIP Through Speakers - Help

    Nah, for that you just set your speakers to the default output in Windows so the game will use that, and then set Skype or TS to use your headset. The problem is when you want to use the ingame chat, as there is no option to output it though a different device than the game sound. ET:QW is the only game I've played which has that option.
  19. kylebisme

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    There is no reason to double bind the turn and pedal commands. The "turn" commands are just an arcade style combination of pedal only at low speeds and bank at higher speeds, and having them bound together like that limits the range of control.
  20. I scavenged night vision off an enemy officer when I noticed dusk coming on.
  21. What are the smugglers supposed to do for you anyway? I took the time to find a boat and go out there only to have them tell me about the weather.
  22. That is where you are supposed to spawn if don't ally with CDF earlier in the game, seems using in the previous mission end mission glitched it out.
  23. kylebisme

    Commander Vehicle Control

    The transport chopper is different, you have hit 0, go to communications > support > and when you click for transport have your crosshair on the map where you want to go. That is double click.
  24. kylebisme

    Commander Vehicle Control

    Just click wherever you like.