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  1. Will there be any wheel support in A3? I couldn't get it to work properly in A2. It was 'all or nothing', left OR right. :confused:
  2. Ish

    Steering wheel support?

    It's a G25.
  3. Yes. So what they've found is that it's easier to extract information, or just plain conversation if it's woman to woman, as opposed to man to woman.
  4. It sounded like women in the army was a big deal. A3 scenario aside. As for the second statement, it's something I've been told by real life army personel, and if they say it's so. Who am I to say it isn't. I guess it'sa cultural thing, where foreign men aren't supposed to talk to their women [possibly giving out information].
  5. You're joking..? I'm not familiar with the Australian armed forces, but in Sweden it's encouraged. Try being a man and talk to a woman in Afghanistan. That could be dangerous for both the man, and especially the woman if the wrong people see her speaking to him.
  6. Ish

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    I like how he actually shot the guy in the demo. Probably putting some nice bloody holes in the uniform, and the ai don't even care. I mean, if me and 5 other guys were stationed somewhere, I think i'd know something was up if all of a sudden this new face shows up..
  7. The game tells me my computer is low on memory and then crashes, or I just get "receiving" and the chat blinks indefinitely. I just did a clean install of windows two weeks ago, and all drivers are up to date. It started happening before that, but got worse. could my RAM be bust or something? I can't think of anything else. :confused: edit/ Fail topic name..
  8. Ish

    Annoying problem

    Where do I find it?
  9. Umm yeah, it's called ACE3.. And yes, I fully expect them to make it.
  10. The whole point of the game is to create a certain degree of realism, and I find this realism goes out the window on public servers. Everyone just grabs a DMR/SMAW and go postal. Kind of goes against the design in my opinion. That's not to say a group of players with teamspeak can't play public. But you can't join on your own and expect there to be any level of cooperative play you can't get in other games. As far as one person alone playing public there are better games.
  11. I don't mean to offend Ivan here, but I had to stop listening to the constant Uhhhhhh's that followed every other word. Is there a summary somewhere?
  12. People cheat in this game? :S In any case, I have never seen battle eye take any action, and PB is just THE worst anti-cheat in the history of the universe. I'm not even sure we need any tbh.
  13. Ish

    Graphics Card Question

    If it's anything like A2, the GPU wouldn't be so important anyway.
  14. What?! Females in the army? nooo.. Just ask the Israelis :D Seriously though, this is probably a cultural thing. Same with dismemberment, child soldiers, pregnancy on in-game models etc etc.. all very real, but all very touchy. In this particular case however, I don't get it? If a girl in my country said she was in the army, I wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. At least the SAM team is working on female models (no pun intended).
  15. Ish

    ArmA 3 Editor

    If everything we wanted (which they probably could add, if they wanted) was included out of the box there would be no reason for VBS to exist. Truth hurts.
  16. Warning for Swedish ;) http://www.livestream.com/cbhunter edit/ Op. is pretty much over now. Come back and watch again, Sundays at 6pm GMT+2 (+1 during winter time). Cheers!
  17. I love playing medic. I even led the SSG medical group for a while. Now I have to admit, that was boring. But that had more to do with how the group operated and not the medic class itself. If im a medic on the front lines, but stay behind the formation of my group, thats fine. As long as i SEE some action, im totally fine with it. I don't necessarily need to fire my own gun during an operation to find it exciting. We have an ongoing joke within SSG, it comes from a member who asked this, although i don't care to reveal who (and i don't remember anyway) .. "Can I run ahead with ACOG?" Basically.. "Can i go on a lone wolf rambo mission?" Which is not how we do business lol..
  18. Ish

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    +1 I feel a bit handicapped tbh.. And as far as "you don't have to script to make good missions" i don't buy it.. You still got some degree of scripting, even if it's within triggers etc. There is no easy way to make anything more advanced than placing units and waypoints i feel.
  19. I don't feel it IS that futuristic.. Besides. M16 came along like 60 years ago and it's still in active service. AKA 20 years from now, it wont be a huge difference from what we've got today.
  20. They're not, but IF Sweden had been in the game.. Then "Archer".. Arguably the best piece of artillery to date. Youtube it..
  21. Ish

    Clan SSG livestream

    This is gonna be ironic but.. I don't get it lol :D
  22. Ish

    Clan SSG livestream

    :D From what i gatherer Norwegians understand us better than the other way around, or maybe that's just me ;)
  23. Ish

    Clan SSG livestream

    Not sure, it wasn't my stream. but it's free on livestream.com. I guess it's some kind of software for it. Shame it's max 50 users with the free version. We had about 25 or so tonight. Although 10 of those where probably ourselves, and a few who couldn't play tonight hehe.
  24. Ish

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    Just.. Simpler.. I can't script to save my life, and thus end up scrapping every project i start.