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    Stealth Kills?

    Stab under the chin, straight into the wind pipe. Hmm, what about from the rear. Stab in the side and twist? Lets just stab, fuck he has armour plates, turns and head-butts you, then shoots you. It is mind boggling as to how many different animations it would take to implicate any kind of realistic knife attack in a simulator. :rolleyes:
  2. Yeah seems to be a big cover up right now for W7 users. Lot of people with the same issue. Make sure to set the option in the main .exe file, not the shortcut. Sry it does not work for you, but I did have this for a few weeks, and now it is fine here.
  3. Also been having this issue on my new machine with W7 64 bit. Here is a fix that now allows me to take them in all games here including Arma2: Close out of the program you are having trouble with capturing the screen. Right click on the shortcut or main exe file for the program. Click on Properties . Click on the Compatibility tab. In the middle area of that tab, there should be a bunch of check boxes under Settings. Click in the box alongside Disable desktop composition. Apply the changes, click OK.
  4. Supposed to be 100% Games for Windows Live too. http://forums.gamesforwindows.com/t/16056.aspx :o:
  5. Bunch of misinformed individuals. the bottom line seems to be Steam is a great platform? Over 20 games here on Steam, never had an issue over the past 5 or so years. What is the scary thing that causes you all to not like it? (Outside of apparent arma patching) Steam is an excellent example of a gaming platform, that connects you all. That millions are happy with. (Not a few disgruntled sim fams)
  6. However Steam insist on your forums user account NOT being tied to your main Steam game account, so this would never happen, just saying...
  7. Tinker

    Secondary Monitor as Map

    Is it really hard to run through a forest, while looking at your map, in RL, and not bump into a tree? :rolleyes:
  8. Would like to end a mission if the player group has less M136 magazines than the Tank counter. Not looking good so far, maybe someone can help. Mission with 3 Tanks. init.sqf: [] execVM "tank_check.sqf"; tank_check.sqf Tanks=3; !alive Tank1; Tanks=Tanks-1; !alive Tank2; Tanks=Tanks-1; !alive Tank3; Tanks=Tanks-1; How to check if the number of M136 magazines available to the group is lower than the Tanks counter. If anyone can make sense of this would be appreciated. *Edit* Seems more sense to have a trigger for each tank, !alive tank1 etc call tank_check.sqf Need to find how to count m136 mags in this list/group and check if lower than counter.
  9. 9 years British Army. No way would I drop my rifle. The rest fine, but my rifle would make it to shore. Even if I appeared in just boxer shorts. :p
  10. Ever pressed eject by accident when being air transported from A to B? :(
  11. Tinker

    These guys are always entertaining...

    Currently making a new mod for ghost recon, and have replaced all of the enemy voices with clips from these guys, with permission of course. I thought the same after seeing a few vids, really funny guys.
  12. The mission editor was pretty good, and about the only thing that game, DR, a chance. Real bad to hear that has been taken out. Look at Sniper Ghost Warrior. It uses the chrome engine like Call of Juarez. If they had of released a similar editor as COJ2, would anyone pay for the new 5 map pack @ £9.99? Predicts a lot of DLC for RR, maybe some free, but for sure, new campaigns and stuff at a cost. Stuff they could not get away with if they released a new editor. Waits for news of the new Ghost Recon to have no modding tools... :(
  13. Editor is awesome and simple to use. 1 thing they did get right!
  14. Tinker

    BIS Forums Getting Slow?

    Usually instant for me. Last 2-3 days, anywere between 10 and 20 seconds per page.
  15. Unable to get this working using any of the below codes. The hint displays, so the trigger works fine. {if (condition) then {_X setPos (getPos location1)}} foreach thislist; hint "test" {if (condition) then {_X setdammage 1}} foreach thislist; hint "test" :confused:
  16. Have the same issue with vehicles, sound can be heard, but usually so low on volume cannot really hear it. Although to others outside it is normal, so not able to make it louder as it deafens them not in transport. sound[] = {\sound\darky.ogg, db-9, 1.0, 900}; db-9 makes my music real quiet, changing it to db+9 makes it real loud. 1.0 is the pitch, change to 0.1 to make it play real slow, or 2.0 to play really fast. 900 is only used for playing at a point only, then it is the radius it can be heard within. The track above is set to play anywhere so has no radius. sound[] = {\sound\darky.ogg, db-5, 1.0}; Also I am finding the volume as normal in preview, but seems to alter once in MP with others.
  17. Tinker

    Some questions about ArmA 2

    In vehicles I tend to plot out the route on map with small colored icons then drive with the gps up. Remove markers once at destination. Works just as good on foot.
  18. Is actually hard to get on the server at night because it is always full. At least 80% of them are on TS too, which is awesome. This should be discussed on the clan website, not here also.
  19. Tinker

    Parachute into tree

    IRL you have all sorts of possiblilities, reaching a branch and climbing, using the shoot to lower yourself down, releasing and jumping etc..etc.. In game there is no option. Playing with no respawns this situation means you are out of the mission, simple as. Sounds good for a simple solution.
  20. Yes you can, I do it all the time. Just ensure there are no spaces in the main mission folder name, only problem I ever had.
  21. Hi Just trying to work out how to do this kind of a counter. My missions usually have 9 slots, usually play with around 6 guys, no respawn, and now I am to set the kits up for them all ready. Let us say there are 3 AT slots available, each holding 2 rockets. We have a mission that has 2 tanks in the brief, so we take up 2 of the slots and the others go as sniper or rifleman etc. That would give the group 4 rockets at mission start. So I wanted to run a script every 20 seconds that checks if the groups rocket count is less than the value of the tanks count, which would be 2 in this. decrementing each time a tank is killed., and killing the script once both tanks are down. From here I can have satchel scripts and so also, for demo missions etc.
  22. Tinker

    Bayonet/knife poll

    ^ What utter dribble. 1 man goes in and sprays the room? LOL A team enters the room as a team, together, each having there own angle to cover as they do, simple as. Check your CBQ facts. I also did bayonet training in the forces, is fun in Cod and also in Splinter Cell. Arma2 is as far from a CQB sim that you can get. This topic is mainly imagination. :rolleyes:
  23. I also could not get it to work using removeallweapons this; Give a name to the guy and use removeAllWeapons name; Note capital A and W think that was also an issue? Just paste mine in and name the guy B1 and see it work first? *Edit* Tested with 9 rockets / 9 frags / 9 smoke NP
  24. You can have an infinate amount. Use the code in my above post and edit accordingly. Worked fine for me, I had everything in that list on insert and all worked fine. Note removeAllWeapons B1 I named the testing soldier B1