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  1. Hans Ludwig

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Socialism v. socialism. This is what the thread should be titled.
  2. Hans Ludwig

    New Tactical Shooter Game!

    I would say so.
  3. Hans Ludwig

    New Tactical Shooter Game!

    Oh, great! Yet another person that installed a free SDK and thinks they are now a well organized and professional game studio that warrants their own thread. =/ So a small team is going to model all 17 special forces, their kit, and weapons? What about animations? How many think this number will decrease over time when they realize how much work this would create for them?
  4. Hans Ludwig

    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas, many injured!

    Actually this company was inspected by the TCEQ in 2007 (http://www.tceq.texas.gov/news/releases/4-18west). But go on with your smart comments designed to do nothing more than troll. Anyhow, I live about 250 miles south of West, Texas, and I noticed something odd with all the reporting in the last few days. The media keeps referencing the town as a "small Czech town." I guess that means that most are of Czech heritage? I'm sure this is pointless to even mention. I just found it very interesting. Photo from one of their recent Czech festivals.
  5. Hans Ludwig

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    Boston Globe is reporting that LEOs have stated that one of the suspects is who the FBI is looking for, with the second guy still on the loose.
  6. Hans Ludwig

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    MIT police officer killed; reports of gunfight, explosions Live Read more: http://livewire.wcvb.com/Event/117th_Running_of_Boston_Marathon#ixzz2QsvQl4fJ
  7. Hans Ludwig

    Boston Marathon: 2 bombs blow up near finish line

    I'm about to go Walker up in here. I mean I'm about to get all conspiratorial up in here. I found this picture post on OperatorChan, and it does look like these two people could be responsible? Looks like the one guy on the right looks overgenerous, while the other looks like he is out for revenge.
  8. Hans Ludwig

    War Thunder [MMO]

    Meaning it will come to Steam soon? The only reason I don't buy War Thunder is because I don't want to install the Yuplay client. It's another reason I haven't yet bought BF3, because I don't want to use or install Origin. I just want one client - Steam.
  9. Hans Ludwig

    Steam discussion

    I've been playing since the OFP: CWC days and a frequenting these very forums for just as long. If you have been around long as I have you would know what I'm talking about. He always calls someone a "troll", hence why I said he practices the dark art of dehumanizing those he disagrees with. If all else fails, he then results to Plan B, just ban or give them infractions. I only called him grumpy because a few people over the years that sent me PMs referred to him that way. I figured they knew him a lot better than I did, so I felt it fitting to explain his character. Instead of discussing why he doesn't like Steam in any substantive detail, he turned the conversation into personal attacks, as usual, even after I gave him advice on how to handle the Steam issue. He clearly views Steam as some evil force in our society and forces him to do evil things, much like Baptist saying we need to prohibit alcohol to prevent infidelity and fornication in our society.
  10. Hans Ludwig

    Steam discussion

    Look, it's pretty common knowledge that you are the grumpiest person on this forum. You fly off the handle for the simplest of things and talk down to people like they are complete idiots. So yeah, it's not surprising you found something else to hate and will stop at nothing to dehumanize people for liking or finding no fault with Steam. You then create some "consumer rights" theory out of thin air, which I'm to understand means W0lle's theory that he should have complete power over everything in the universe to fit his wants and desires at the expense of everyone else's. Would you say that is an honest critique of yourself, W0lle?
  11. Hans Ludwig

    Steam discussion

    I don't honestly care what your value judgement says your "rights" are, W0lle. If you don't like Steam, then (i) stop using them or (ii) buy from a store in Europe that sales video games? Pretty simple idea I just threw at you, huh?
  12. Hans Ludwig

    Steam discussion

    This thread was going so well until you threw a monkey wrench into the gears.
  13. Hans Ludwig

    Steam discussion

    Ah, yes, consumer rights. That's code speak for blame someone else for a product you don't like when you could have simply done a little research before you opened up your wallet.
  14. Hans Ludwig

    PlanetSide 2

    Are you sure you and I are playing the same game? I hardly call The Crown a small base. While I'm not disputing it's not normal, I hardly call it fun to be shelled/naded every two seconds.
  15. Hans Ludwig

    War Thunder [MMO]

    Is this on Steam yet?