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  1. after a couple of reinstalls and all the patches I could find on my pc I suddenly seem to have a working ARMA2. No idea what was the cause.. thx for all help, suggestions, ideas and support. S~ [KH] Happy
  2. the game crashed firsttime when I was using arma combined operations with mods, like ace etc. game has been working without any problems since I purchased ARMAIIOA and installed that with my ARMAII yet till a week ago then it decided to go belly up for no appearant reason. since then I reinstalled it a few times and it kept crashing, so decided to install it in increments and test it.. figure out of the box it would work with no problems? hence first armaII install and try. installing all patches and all other things again, hoping to see how that goes, if it crashes I am hoping posting an .rpt of it here in the hope that someone can help me get arma running again. S~ [KH] Happy
  3. I will update arma2 to 1.10 like you say and see what happens! fingers crossed. sofar I've got crashes with full install arma2 > oa > pmc/baf and all the patches till current incl mods arma2 > oa arma2 thought it strange that even a clean install of a boxed arma2 game could crash after crashes of the full installed game all patched and all. yet I'm willing to try anything to get this great sim up and running again, just have no idea of what could cause such strange behaviour.. it's been running smooth and solid till a few days ago.
  4. Hi all, a few weeks ago, my full arma2oa game decided to crash everytime I spawned I use SixUpdater and Yoma to update the mods, like I44 / Ace etc. deinstalled arma2 (boxed version) arma2oa (boxed version) baf/pmc (DLCpurchase) reinstalled game to arma2 oa and then I got the novelty that ace key settings where not responding when I was spawned, also map editor didn't seem to work correct, after some time it crashed again.. so did a new deinstallation and also made sure I deleted the user file on the C: with profiles. today I've just installed arma2 only and launched it, then when I'm in keysettings menu it crashes.. this is the .rpt file after the crash: this is my current system two other game I have on my machine seem to run fine such as IL2 and MOWAS even arma2 was running like a dream till a few days ago when it went crazy and now I can't seem to get my favorite game up and running.. Hoping anyone can give me some new idea's and or can help me out with this problem so I can enjoy this great simulation once more.. thx in advance, [KH] Happy S~
  5. Q? cc ACE2 has the voip in game sound been reduced in relation to the reducing of warning sounds in helicopters? S~ Happy
  6. Cc. FPS, COD the early years, WWII and BF, progressed to BF project reality and other mods, yet discovered ARMA II so all other things where shelved as it provides more realism and offers so much more and imho ARMA can't really be compared as it's a different genre altogether (Simulation) on occasion I still run: IL2 HSFX / MOW.AS and or trying out a RPG but mainly it's ARMA II - ACE2 - JSRS sound - and some other mods as the occasion calls for it
  7. happy

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    please keep ARMA steam free!
  8. happy

    Couple of questions before buying ARMA2

    Suggest: ARMAII - ARMA OA - BAF / PMC expansion then get ACE2 mod :-)
  9. Voted: NO I prefer my games to be steam free... I tried it and I just didn't like it. if I wish to have another program running besides the game I feel one should at least have a choice. Heck I would be more then willing to pay extra to support it's makers if that would mean I could buy and use their game without having to deal with steam. I don't care about friendlist and all other stuff that comes with it. I like to be able to control where I install a game, not by some complicated way to get around it. I don't care much for the auto update system, happy to update things myself. I don't wish to connect through some unwanted third party software I don't wish to be confronted with problems concerning steam that will result me not being able to play arma2 for whatever reason. Personal Computer.. Personal Choice! Don't take away the choice by publishing your games through steam only! Thank you for giving us the freedom of choice that will enable us to enjoy your great game now and in the future! S~ Happy (purchased DLC: BAF and PMC online, no problems with this, but still prefer hardcopy)
  10. happy

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56sAZ6rVR7A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56sAZ6rVR7A unedited clip of marine shooting at japanese tank on the island of peleliu (during beta testing)
  11. happy

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    To start of I would like to convey my thanks to the mod and mission makers for inviting me to test out some work in progress, it's was an honour to play a game with such an immersion factor. You might wonder.. what he's on about, well read on: .. Finding yourself on the the edge of the jungle, bullets are wizzing past, Cover is being shouted. You find yourself running to the nearest cover, diving down and all around you the world seems to explode. Peaking over the edge you catch a glimps of some japanese in the distance. contact to the east up the ridge.. the sound of garands fill the air along with the heavy sound of the bar, you peak up and get a few shots of. The area the japs where hiding is now being covered with small impacts of all the bullets the marines are sending that way. Move up someone shouts, and the only thing you can think of is: He has got to be kiddin' we'll get shot the moment we move up. You find yourself running from cover to cover. Death bodies everywhere. The only thing that is going through your mind.. how can anyone survive this! will I? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Having read a few books on the pacific theatre I can't help feeling that this modification does it more than justice, walking in the dense jungle you really get a feeling of being there.. it's just nerve racking, the jungle is alive with all kinds of sounds, it's dense and highly immersive, you find yourself walking up slowly looking left and right to see your buddy, weapons at the ready.. Well I can go on and on about the experience yet some things you have to see for yourself.. this modification is such a thing! While we where playing this, we had a cameraman who was recording some footage so you can catch of glimpse of what he was experiencing during our game.. scroll down to find the link to all the footage that has been recorded. There are the real life stories from the pacific, there is the TV series "the Pacific" and in the future there will be a modification with the same high standards cc realism to provide you with a unique experience "hell in the pacific". S~ Happy
  12. my msg was put in wrong section.. deleted!
  13. realise add should be a great thing! I would love that.. just new to the game so unfamiliar with mod and how to.. my thought behind it was that there would be a unified add on which would bring us a lot of things mods seem to provide.. thus when going online one can join a lot of servers. it where just some thoughts... from a new discoverer of the world of ARMA2 which I find very very good! And enjoy spending time on it. but to reset stats when you die would be a good thing.. never seen that in any game and think it would be a great little thing in a realistic warsimulation. ~s Happy
  14. * Make an official patch including vehicles/planes we now only see as mods such as the "little bird" or "chinook" * Is there a way to reset killstat to 0 in a mp game when you die? (it's a war simulation, not a FPS) * adjust slider for VON communication * Let the harrier be able to take of vertical even if it means lighter loadout * Tone down the brightness of hud on Huey and some planes * Seahawk with mini gun? * C130 improved nosewheel so it can turn on a large tarmac * MIL MI-28 havoc, Apache Longbow, Bradley... * more selections in troops, eg. British..