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  1. Hello, No, the game is stable and there is no CTD, no rpt files are created when I have that behavior...
  2. Hello, I have an issue that is bothering me for some time now. No matter if it's vanilla or modded I have some issue with helicopters (no issue with other vehicles even not planes). First of all, when I am the pilot everything is perfect, High fps 60+ when I am copilot (if I give the control to the pilot or if I choose the copilot/gunner seat) I have 2 possible issues, and it's always one of theim, not both. Case 1 : My fps got very low (FPS 10-) when the pilot is heavy manoeuvreing Big rolls, banks or change of directions. When flying straight it's good. Case 2 : As a copilot I have good FPS 60+, but when entering in the gun screen, when firing I don't see my shot, explosion or any hit. The click of my mouse to fire also has some issue, keeps firing when releasing... looks like desync except all is fluid.. Any Idea? This happens even when I am the HOST I have a very good connection and high end computer. i9 9900 32GO ram RTX2080 Please tell me if I can give you more information. thanks for any help. Mike
  3. Hello guys, I guess this is not possible, but I have an external audio interface, so right now I ' m able to send the sound of the game in my speaker and the radio in my ear plugs... wich is really interesting for immersion purpose... But as it is, the live comms are coming through my earplugs, I d'like it to come from my speaker and only have my radio in my earplug.... is it possible? thanks a lot for the work. Bye. Mike
  4. erm... I m a little confused^^ I too stupid... My arma2.exe was renamed crysis.exe to get some more fps^^ so the patch didn t found arma2... Prob is often between the seat and the screen ^^ Sorry guys Mike
  5. No I bought it in box... in belgium french version.... I patched to 2.0.58064 when available and now when I saw the new build... i never be able to patch it...
  6. Same prob for me... My version is 1.02.58064 if that can help... Sorry, I created the same topic :j:
  7. Hi guys, Since 1 week i ve got the arma 2 1.02.58064 and i saw there was a new version of this patch the :1.02.58134 version... I can't install it... windows tells me that arma 2 is not installed on my computer... Do I have to uninstall the game and patch it with the 1.02.58134 version? Why do we have to download two 120 meg's patch instead of un upgrade? And last question: why patch name are so f******* complicated? ^^ See ya guys tanks for reading Mike
  8. That sounds nice :) But i saw nothing saying that you play arma 2 and this even on your website! So i ask the question... do you only play arma 1? See you guys Mike