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    Where is Lagushina?

    i have no signs of her sitting in her red hatch back in front of a sign next to a church at Krasnostav but its 1340 odd in the game and her church hours are 11-1230 >.< not even been told its her car or iv spoted her beeen to her home town and everything no signs any where but i do love the car badge xD ironic
  2. i have a request for a gun Sa 80 / L85A2 the british army standard thx :)
  3. lol xD .... I think they should change the sensativity on driving .. u ever tryed just slightly turning the car with the WASD keys u almost do a 180 them danm cars have a better turning angle then your landrovers
  4. Hi, couldnt see a genral post for this so... I think this game 95% of the way there think i bit of polish through update would make this game in comparable to otheres for ex. my team members spot enemy's from binocular distance i look over and cant see anything some in with a scope and still barley see them (i would understand if he was on open grounds but he was in the middle of the woods) what about some in out animations for entering exiting vehicals is there anything else you people would like to see? i hope BI takes a intrest in its people and reads this along with all your posts