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  1. I have units called reb1 - reb14 and civ1 - civ20 on the map, but for some reason they do not move to the locations I've pre-set in the init. Does anyone know why it doesn't work? [private "_civs","_rebs","_civ","_reb","_positions","_directions","_position","_direction","_rndPos","_rnd","_i"]; _civs = ["civ1","civ2","civ3","civ4","civ5","civ6","civ7","civ8","civ9","civ10","civ11","civ12","civ13","civ14","civ15","civ16","civ17","civ18","civ19","civ20"]; _rebs = ["reb1","reb2","reb3","reb4","reb5","reb6","reb7","reb8","reb9","reb10","reb11","reb12","reb13","reb14"]; _positions = ["[14299,18860.4,0.262897]","[14298.7,18848.4,0.00144196]","[14295.3,18854.3,0.201878]","[14288,18861.3,0.227978]","[14282.6,18869.1,0.315739]","[14288.8,18868.9,0.410454]","[14292.1,18866.8,0.41642]","[14300.9,18856.4,0.267025]","[14304.5,18853.1,0.164486]","[14304.5,18853.1,0.164486]","[14298.7,18848.4,4.00144196]","[14295.3,18854.3,4.201878]","[14288,18861.3,4.227978]","[14282.6,18869.1,4.315739]","[14288.8,18868.9,4.410454]","[14292.1,18866.8,4.41642]","[14300.9,18856.4,4.267025]","[14304.5,18853.1,4.164486]","[14304.5,18853.1,4.164486]","[14373.8,18878.3,0.00152206]","[14368.2,18873.8,0.00152969]","[14398,18915,0.0141029]","[14390.5,18900.3,0.00144196]","[14398.9,18906,0.258644]","[14403.6,18910.7,0.25465]","[14410,18916.6,0.138344]","[14403.8,18918.3,0.00144196]","[14406.5,18921.8,0.00144196]","[14392.9,18909.5,0.00144196]","[14389.1,18905.9,0.00144196]","[14390.5,18900.3,4.00144196]","[14398.9,18906,4.258644]","[14403.6,18910.7,4.25465]","[14410,18916.6,4.138344]","[14403.8,18918.3,4.00144196]","[14406.5,18921.8,4.00144196]","[14392.9,18909.5,4.00144196]","[14389.1,18905.9,4.00144196]","[14330.4,18941.1,0.00144196]","[14341.7,18992.4,0.00143814]","[14341.7,18992.4,0.00143814]","[14351.9,18988.3,0.00144196]","[14353.3,18989.5,0.00143814]","[14353,18992.1,0.00143814]","[14395.9,18964.8,0.00144196]","[14397.8,18963.3,0.00144196]","[14391.9,18960,0.00144196]","[14340,18917.4,0.00144196]","[14346.9,18920.5,0.00141907]","[14312.3,18923.9,0.00144958]","[14316.5,18925,0.00144577]","[14314.1,18931.6,0.00144958]","[14317.1,18933.1,0.00144958]","[14319.5,18931.2,0.00144958]"]; _directions = ["74","0","298","13","131","322","181","168","260","260","0","298","13","131","322","181","168","260","260","287","17","25","71","268","217","228","83","173","97","186","71","268","217","228","83","173","97","186","130","100","220","320","290","240","240","250","20","130","190","90","160","120","160","240"]; for [{_i=0},{_i<=(count _civs)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _rnd = floor random 1; _rndPos = floor random (count _positions); _position = _positions select _rndPos; _civ = _civs select _i; _civ setpos _position; _civ setunitpos "DOWN"; if (_rnd > 0.7) then { _civ setunitpos "MIDDLE"; }; }; for [{_i=0},{_i<=(count _rebs)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _rnd = floor random 1; _rndPos = floor random (count _positions); _position = _positions select _rndPos; _direction = _directions select _rndPos; _reb = _rebs select _i; _reb setpos _position; _reb setdir _direction; if (_rnd > 0.6) then { _reb setunitpos "MIDDLE"; }; };
  2. vinc3nt

    Some questions about diving

    I heard or read an interview where a BI employee said you will be able to take your scuba gear on/off in exchange of your normal gear by using the menu options (the ones that appear when you use scroll) But I don’t know whether it would be possible to do it in a vehicle
  3. Just out of curiosity can anyone confirm or deny any of these features: - Changing/different in visibility underwater - Currents underwater - Bullets from out of water dissipating or even being destroyed when fired into the water - Depth, compass and air indicators when underwater - Faults in scuba gear (either random or if you have been shot in the tank ect.) - Climbing from the water up a net on the side of a ship - Ships available to raid from water - Picking up objects from the seabed - Lights underwater (for night-time or large depths) - Use of tools or weapons (spear-gun, placing explosives ect.) underwater - Diffraction effect of people underwater from a view outside the water - Correct shock wave underwater if explosive is triggered underwater - Some kind of wounded system underwater - Decompression times needed if underwater for a while I'm not recommending these, in fact I wouldn’t like to see some of them; I just would like to know if some will be implemented or are being discussed at the moment.
  4. vinc3nt

    Improvements to third person view?

    Infantry wise, the only reason I use 3rd person is because of the low FOV in 1st person really annoys me. It is present in many FPS games including ArmA 2 and usually is disorientating when looking at different places quickly. I am aware that you can change the FOV; but scope measurements (where you can estimate distances of people using etched symbols in scopes), and some parts of the UI are off balance and incorrect when the FOV is changed. Vehicles...well.... I am just not good enough to efficiently use some vehicles (mostly tanks) without 3rd person this is partly due to the lack of interior designs of tanks (so all I am left with is a zoomed front view with a letterbox overlay). Summary: Allow 1st person FOV to be adjustable with no consequences and the need for enhanced 3rd person views for infantry should decrease (at least for me anyway)
  5. vinc3nt

    Secondary Explosion Effects

    I'd hate to be the guy that dies 100m away from a blast because of a tiny piece of shrapnel in the eye & brain :( I would like this kind of damage for some explosions (eg. FRAG grenades) and HE (high explosive) damage as well though.
  6. vinc3nt

    Animation Improvements in ArmA 3

    I would like to be able to instantly stop an animation for another one. Example: When getting an RPG out of your backpack, you hear gun fire so you stop getting the RPG and go prone quickly. In ArmA 2 you have to wait for an animation to finish even if your screaming at the screen "Take Cover!" as an enemy aims at you. I hope in the new engine ArmA 3 will use, a way of transitioning an animation into another without it ending completely is found.
  7. vinc3nt

    What do fortifications mean to our soldiers?

    The 'Take cover'/'Find cover' command should make the AI use cover or defensive positions and forget about formations EDIT: I mean, it should make them do it. But they don't do it properly
  8. vinc3nt

    AI react to dead bodies

    Low skilled infantry could act more disturbed/irrational (I mean when the soldier interacts or looks at the dead body more often, not running around crying or anything) than higher skilled soldiers.
  9. vinc3nt

    AI react to dead bodies

    Probably best to include it in a module, but yeah, I agree too.
  10. vinc3nt


    This is probably the best way to implement the feature (in terms of performance - which is very important in the ArmA series)
  11. I know there are underwater 'caves' (i heard it in one of the gameplay videos). As for underground tunnels... Not a big fan, but I suppose the sewers could be used by the resistance to attack certain places in towns. I would prefer other features than this though.
  12. Firearm sounds may not be the best in Arma 2, but what I would like to see an improvement on are explosions, they shouldn’t be the same sound for different payloads/types of explosions and they should ‘sound’ more powerful (maybe add more bass?). It's hard to explain (and also to simulate in a game) unless you've heard one IRL.
  13. 0:46 Hehe, that would be fun to see in Arma 3
  14. vinc3nt

    i hope they make bigger airport's

    I’m not bothered about this, even though I only play warfare. But… The most likely place for a large runway in-game (which IMO is not going to happen) is here:
  15. vinc3nt

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas