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    Petition for mouse fix ~!

    ridiculous post, noone cares about your ranking omg. and no to your petition, ths is not a CS clone or anything like that, its a realistic tactical game. go back to BF2 pls.
  2. Ghillidude

    FPS isn't everything...

    BIs has to sort out the code problems and tweak it and all will be good! /pray
  3. without your ingmae settings, your FPS means nothing tbh.
  4. superpower is the little bugged brother of warfare, which is a community mission, warfare gets updated more frequently and has less bugs. not sure why the makers put out the spawnpoints/bunkers around cities, which were present in the ArmA version of warfare.
  5. Ghillidude


    was cancelled because the US army didnt want to have a german rifle as their main army rifle, even though its way better then the crap the americans produce (escpecially COLT).
  6. Ghillidude

    Please don't use Securom copy-protection!

    SECUROM is the worst crap ever, TAGES and online actication is the best imo! Securom killed 2 drives in the past and the disc could not be read on my newly bought dvd drive, its a joke. ---------- Post added at 01:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM ---------- Steam is not an option, because you have massive problems with mods then right?
  7. Since my other thread got closed for some unknown reason (at least we were discusing instead of flaming or ranting) i want to ask the developers how far are they with the performance patch? I´m sure you´ll be able to give us an estimate like 40%, 50% done etc. And please refuse to use phrases like "it´s done when it´s done" or "soon". I´m sure you guys doing proper project management or know anything about Software Engineering. Statements like "soon" show the imcompetence of a gaming studio. And BIS isn´t imcompetent right? Will there be a beta version of the patch? I and i´m sure the community wouldn´t mind beta testing, at least, that´s what we did and do anyway. BIS could also use the, in my opinion, fabulous bugtrackers from dev-heaven.net to beta test future patches, if there´s not enough manpower in your own company.
  8. Ghillidude

    Patch 1.03 development status

    I´m pretty sure they have a schedule, don´t you think? I know they don´t like giving out infos too early, but showing up on these boards, saying seomthing like "hey guys, we are working on the 1.03 patch and we just finished fixing this and that" will calm down people and give them trust. If they use agile Projectmanagement, then they have daily meetings and daily tasks to finish. They could at least tell us how far they are.
  9. Ghillidude

    no revive/carry/drag?

    shame that it isnt hardcoded like in ACE.
  10. Ghillidude

    Patch 1.03 next week?

    tv game magazine just said arma2 performance patch will come next week and that they talked to the developers. can we get an confirmation on this forum please?
  11. Ghillidude

    600+ camo faces unlocked

    the more variety, the better! your addon combined with Rocco´s release is just great! Anyone know whats the story behind Placebo and Rocco? Seems to be a love story :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=75391
  12. why should they read this forum? dont think that many devs read forums regularly, forums are a "valve to release" pressure and to minimize support in the hopes that people will help each other, the forum mods are the sheriffs who make sure that theres no "bad marketing" on the forums, i.e. deleteing, locking posts that are bad for the companies reputation (sure they ll lock this post soon).
  13. Ghillidude

    Full Screen NVG

    I dont like the fullscreen too, should be more realistic like in RL: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2003/images/bud06c.jpg but i think BIS did it quite good tbh.
  14. Ghillidude

    3D fillrate define mesh LOD quality !

    not under 30 frames with the ati4890 OC. but i agree, the game is too demanding.