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  1. RazorHead1

    CTD in same spot

    I figured it out. I patched ARMA2 up to date and for some reason it did not take. So after a re-install and re-patch it worked just like it used to. Thanks.:bounce3: ---------- Post added at 02:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:54 PM ---------- Hey rfc, you have the same GPU I have. Are your benchmarks coming out high? I used Nvidia cards most of my time this is my first ATI. Are there any tweaks I should be using to get the best performance?
  2. RazorHead1

    CTD in same spot

    I have owned Arma2 for quite sometime. It worked fine on my old Dell XPS 730 with Windows Vista. I have recently purchased a new computer with Windows 7 on it. When I start Arma2 it runs through the opening loading screens then just after the 'Gotgame' screen it CTDs with the windows msg 'ARMA2 has stopped working'. My specs: Win7 home 64 bit i7-970 ATI 5970 12 GB ram Any ideas would be welcome.
  3. Thanks ProfT..I'll give it try. ---------- Post added at 04:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:19 PM ---------- Ok I am sure it is a small oversight on my part but it is not working. I place a trigger and in the Condition area I have tried all variations of: daytime=the time ie: daytime=1400 1400=daytime 14.5=daytime daytime=14.5 waitUntil daytime=14.5 etc.etc.etc. Any ideas anyone?
  4. ok I searched and found posts on time and timers as well as countdown timers. I was wondering would it be possible to allow a trigger to read the game time? Lets say a mission starts at 1300, is it possible to have a trigger read the players 'watch' or 'in game time' so the mission ends at say 1400?? Instead of using a countdown timer?
  5. I just downloaded the toolset. I am following Gnat's great tuts from OFPEC. During tut #1 when you create a simple box in O2 and try to view it in Buldozer I get a msg 'Arma2 has stopped working' So now I can't preview any work. Any fixes for this? I am a vista user.
  6. RazorHead1

    Vehicle stops at waypoint

    You can set a way point to where you want to go. Set the behavior to 'safe' and the vehicle will stay on the road the whole way (because that is 'safe'). If you try to set your way points to follow the road due to curves and turns, the AI will stop at every one. I assume to re-evaluate the command.
  7. RazorHead1

    Single units as a group

    How would you do that exactly? Could you explain by step? Unlike alot of you I ARMA2 is the first of this type of game for me. I never played the first one or any of the OFP games.
  8. RazorHead1

    Single units as a group

    You can. I was just trying to shave some time off the process. It can be a pain especially if you have a large group. It would be nice if you could refer to them as a single entity for the sake of ease. ---------- Post added at 11:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:55 PM ---------- Thanks JDOG I will give it a try. Thanks for the patience.
  9. I noticed that there were a few zombie things for ARMA that were popular. Does any one know if there is a zombie addon for ARMA2 yet? or is one in the works? Seems to be alot of interest.
  10. RazorHead1

    Single units as a group

    no no I am aware of that but I think you misunderstood my question. Here is my porblem: I have a squad. I want a truck to begin it's waypoints after all my men are on board. It works with the single name ie: unit1 in truck1; unit2 in truck1; etc etc. When I try what you are saying. The truck will not respond to 'group1 in truck1; It only see the individuals name. Any thoughts?
  11. I searched for this and really didn't find an answer. Please forgive if it is out there and I missed it. Is there a way to take single units and make them a group? What I mean here is: say I have a squad of 4 men. Instead of naming each guy one by one, is there a way to identify them as one group. Say for a truck to see if my squad is on board. Instead of this: man1 in truck1; man2 in truck1; man3 in truck1; man4 in truck1; maybe this?????: group1 in truck1; Is this possible?
  12. Hey guys and gals...not sure if this has been figured out yet. I see that some are having problems with the chopper not leaving after it inserts troops. It just sits there with engines off. Try using a distance code: unit1 distance chopper1 > 20; Put this in the first 'move' way point after the chopper lands and when unit1 or the player in this case gets more than 20m from the bird it takes off and follows it's waypoints. Other option it to attach the 'distance' code to a game logic. This seems alot easier than having the bird count men or seeing if they are in cargo anymore. Anyway, it works for anyone still looking for a solution.
  13. Ok I am having the same issue I'll give this a try. I am basically looking for something to the effect of 'if task1 and 2 are complete then assign task3' I'll give this a try.
  14. It seems that the modelToWorld command that worked so well, now does not with patch 1.4....odd. I had it working in all my missions. Now the objects just sit on the ground. Anyone else getting this?
  15. RazorHead1

    Set Fuel question

    Brilliant!! Thanks a lot SNKMAN. Worked great!