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    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    The point in keeping people playing games, from the developers perspective, is so that the people will buy the sequel. I hope that BIS have earned enough new loyal customers because everyone I know who plays the Arma series have just simply stopped playing. The fact that Benny quit in frustration means that you lost one of the greatest mods that the series has seen and that is just one example. I have been playing these games since 2001 so it is a real shame to see what has happened and the route taken. Now, the question is: will these new customers you have picked up be as loyal as the players you turned your back on, the loyal customers that have spent over 10 years and countless thousands of hours playing? For your sake, I hope so.
  2. Has direct chat been fixed? Direct text chat didnt show up for other players when typing in multiplayer. I hope its been fixed. Also, some people joining a multiplayer game couldnt read what other people typed. Because I bought it with steam I have to download 7 GB to see if it has been fixed.
  3. The direct speech channel in the new update, doesnt work. You can type in what you want to say but no other person can read it. it doesnt show up on their end. Is anyone aware of this?
  4. Try Chernarus Life Ultimate. Its not as strict as City Life and there is a stat save there, too.
  5. pattonash

    Favorite PvP weapon?

    The DMR is the best weapon in the game. Nobody seems to use it at all, but it is great for close, medium and long range. Use that and SMAW DP for anti-personnel. For the east side, use the PKP. Its got a scope and can be used as a sniper rifle at longer ranges. If you come up against enemy inf at close range, hit the ground immediately and fire in full auto. With the PKP, use the RPG-7 with 2 rounds anti-tank and one round OG (anti-personnel), so you will be kitted out for most battles.
  6. Look, I tried the new installer and it didnt work. I am aware that nothing will happen if there is a newer version installed. I tried to join a battleye server and got kicked after the lobby. So, I used contol panel to uninstall battleye altogether.... but now I cant reinstall it at all. Nothing happens when I try to run the new installer on the first page of this thread and when I go to reinstall battleye from steam, it says "this game is temporarily unavailable". When I rnu the installer there is nothing in the battleye folder. I have retail arma 2 and steam OA. I really shouldnt have bought this game on steam, but I couldnt find it anywhere in my local on launch day. Windows 7 64 bit E6750 HD 4870 2 x 2GB DDR3 RAM Just reinstalled OA and it seems to work. Thanks for getting it sorted so fast.