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    T-72B/BA pack v1.0

    it`s realy hard to translite right, there is couple different variants like: boom soon, strike now itc... and very nice ADDon!!! Glad some russian tech to see, СПÐСИБО )))
  2. rar it just how Six Updater downloaded it, so there is issue with size, updater backups files and make folder twice bigger, hopefully fix it soon edit: this twice sizerness have to exist to Six updater work properly @ACE and @ACEX links to Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/317850767/ArmA_2.part11.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317845872/ArmA_2.part10.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317841015/ArmA_2.part09.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317835758/ArmA_2.part08.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317830812/ArmA_2.part07.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317825562/ArmA_2.part06.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317820131/ArmA_2.part05.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317814358/ArmA_2.part04.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317808580/ArmA_2.part03.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317802388/ArmA_2.part02.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/317796603/ArmA_2.part01.rar.html keep in mind you still need to learn how to use Six update, to keep up with updates
  3. OK in proccess of uploading this gona take sometime, will see post links ASAP
  4. I do understand that you still have to learn how to work with six updater which i did, but do you guys need Rapidshare links? to download mod, it`s gona be only to folders ACE and ACEX, about 1.23 Gb, so let me know
  5. kolotei

    T-90... Vulnerable to Javelin... why?

    If you guys take a look on video it`s explaines a lot... I mean it`s gona detect missels within 50 miters, chouse type of shield calibre, then shoot a lot of small fragments in that direction, there is NO detection of missile lunche, no need one, all you need to know is missle is 50 meters away and what direction...
  6. KA-52 have modern locator system, so he see target much further away, AT rocket can shoot up to 8-10 km, so making it blind to 2km pointless, i did`t make any test but i think in game that featurest downgrade... wich make him not a lot different from MI-28
  7. can`t wait to try it in action, i think effect on weapone discharg is quit to hard on eyes, i`m mean when somebody gona fire right next to you, you not beable to aim at all, in real life i think you might lose ability to hear for a while but not loste vision so hard, maybe a little easy on fade would be nice, still very nice and realistic... hopefully it`s going to come out soon...
  8. kolotei

    CD key and original cd

    First and whole you paid with PAYPAL, you are lucky enouh to return you money, make a calim, explaine the situation PAYPAL is gona take your money back, they alweays do... all you need to do is report the claim, I supprised the accepting PAYPAL at all, again you are lucky one...
  9. kolotei

    Using colors in your team

    thx for reply, In a God`s name somebody make ability for short cuts, it`s gona make a lot of lives EASYER...
  10. Well problem is, for large scale battle, like Warfare, you have to use different type of troops, so i do coloring them from menu 9, so is there any way to make a short cut for that colored groops? like ctrl + 1 is red colord and cntr + 2 is blue color group? it`s just very sloe to chouse each group by presing F*keys, and if group on next page you are have to chage page by pressing F12 and then chouse it...
  11. If you are tough guy with no feeling of humour, Then NO
  12. I was looking for a right tread, well i guess it`s just general, so if any body did`t see it go ahhead and cheack it out, you will be a epic pilot on your next game Joe's Helicopter Tutorial OMGLOL!
  13. i used search but nothing come up...
  14. for thouse who was trying to make a smoke on some objects, for exemple on ammo box after supply drop, that how i managed it, kill like half day on different variation, this one works perfectly, you can change color by changing SmokeShell on SmokeShellGreen or others, test2 is Triger, wich will exec you sgf on activation... 200 is radius where you can look for that object and 100 is time for smoke list1 = position test2 nearObjects ["RUSpecialWeaponsBox",200]; nObject1 = list1 select 0; hint format ["%1", getPosASL nObject1]; i=1; while {i=i+1;i<100} do { Smoke1="Smokeshell" createVehicle position nObject1; sleep 1 }
  15. Did anybody tryed MP, how that work out, is the respwan work properly?
  16. Armaholic mirrors: - Hunting for a Hero (@) v1.1 - Hunting for a Hero Co-x (@) v1.1 Required addon: - MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Difficalty: Hard Limited Save: 3 Times(Tell if it`s too hard so i will chaged with next update...) For thouse who want some acction on Russian Side, and like small group action, like sabotage, checked it out!!! Mission simulate deep action behind enemy line, Team of Speatznaz with couple targets to destroy, was trying to make it dinamicaly and life filled, hoppefully i make it ;), there is no voice actor beside one place(sorry for creepy one). Full freedom of movement along coastline, and little more deeper. Specifide weapone chose which fit in a mission perfectly... Been tested in Editor couple times, mission very complex, so it might happand that there is few errors left, will fix it ass soon as they will appear. have a lot of Thoughts how to improve gameplay, and variations of mission passing, Defenatly will be updateted and growing in a different ways, since it have a big potential Reguared addon: http://rapidshare.com/files/274929296/MAP_EU_V1.00.rar He making able to put some unavelable staff on map editor, like chairs and rocks and some other things like fireplace... Hunting for a HeroSP Hunting for a HeroMP Please all feedback a very helpfull, and it`s quit new mission so you can cosider it as BETA... ____________________ fixed saveing issue, so if you can`t save your game, jsut download it again... from SP link
  17. kolotei

    The Icarus Project

    Well hpefully i are realize, what execly you have to go through, it`s sound like another game, and you only one persone, wich is one man army sound like, wish you luck and luck and luck, if you make it i will defenatly check it out...
  18. kolotei

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    signed, but please make it more stable, and fix bugs in campage... loking forward for addon
  19. when you play with ai and switching to the current leader if you injured for exemple and did`t know if this guys was dead already, you cant get out in menu, you can`t switch back basicaly only one exit is ALT+F4...
  20. Anybody fix it, i lower my volume, by half, now can`t barely hera what the people saying but it`s fade but very slow, so it`s not the solution...
  21. I`m trying to hide some Task from the begining of the mission, they already in briefing.sfg, command objStatus not work anymore since briefing system been changed, so any ideas? And i don`t wanna create task on the go, since there will be a problem when ppl start to JIP...
  22. Ok will try There is issue, you will not get description on just made tusk even if it in a brefing.sqf, you have to run briefing file once again, then you geting double task like "Find Agent' twice, one would be complite another one no, and there will be issue on JIP since player may miss all briefing execution... this way is just alter but not what you actualy have to do... hoppefully BIS working on this issue...