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  1. Some friends and myself have created a site in hopes of building a community of gamers that focus more on realism/harcore modes and team oriented play. Our hopes is the Realistic Shooter site (http://www.realisticshooter.com) will be a meeting place for like minded mature gamers that are looking for great games. Do you love hardcore mode? Do you tend to turn off every option in the game that you feel is unrealistic? Then this is the community for you! We are currently looking to fill a few forum moderator positions as we launch the site. I am sure that this will not interest all the members here, but if you are interested, I look forward to seeing you at http://www.realisticshooter.com If you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them!
  2. nForce chipsets have been supported since since 2008 on the Windows 7 platform. What motherboard are you using? Edit: I apologize I did not see the 2 in the nForce2 in your post. These drivers will work for you. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1271 I have them on my son's machine and they worked fine.
  3. My post was not directed at you Hoak. I did however mention a comment you made. Each person here has expectations and there are various degrees of expectations. I am sure we all share a common thread, that being the love of a true tactical shooter. It just irritates me that there is a feud between these two games, almost like if you play one you required to bad mouth the other. I guess I am one of those old farts that have become a little more wise, and little more patient with age. I like to see a fair comparison, which is not what happening on either forums. No matter which game you enjoy, whatever your gaming background, you have to admit comparing OFPDR to COD or BF2 is not realistic. The game play in those games vary tremendously. BF2 and COD are completely different. Just my opinion though....
  4. I have been following this thread for sometime now, and I have been reluctant to jump into the conversation. I understand that there are people that have loyalty to one game or another, but come on! At some point you have to think outside the box you have become comfortable. The whole BI vs. CM thing is ridiculous, that argument has been hashed too many times. As far a BI's record for support, you are correct in saying they offer long term support. If you have played any of their games you will realize they have to. I would not confuse support with saving face. Don't get me wrong I play ARMA2 and I love the game, I see all the potential the game has just as Hoak has said. But ARMA2 shouldn't have been released this early given its state, this is basically a beta in a box, and we are the bug testers you spoke of. The troubleshooting forums should be all you need to look at to know that the game was far from a release ready build. Now you take ARMA2 and put it into a comparison test with a game that the majority of us have not played. We have only seen clips and screenshots, and read post of forums and what not. There are a lot of opinions here that have been formed because of the CM BI debacle, and that is taking stupid to another level. That's how business works, there are good and bad deals like them or not. I think it is a good idea to let the demo for OFPDR come out before you make any comparisons to ARMA2. I think you are going to be surprised with what OFPDR has to offer. Will it be the bug free, I doubt it, I am a realistic I have been on the gaming seen since the inception of the internet. But, I am not going to form an opinion without having a chance to play the game. So like I said before, put the petty stuff aside, and think outside the box.
  5. Its funny to see these post from persons that have no first hand experience. Soldiers do not possess some freakish strength or endurance, they are not some super species. Are they in shape? Yes! more so than your everyday person walking the street. Like others have said, depending on the loadout you can tote around an additional 100 lbs of weight. Hence the panting and what not that you are complaining about. Here's a idea for you! :) Get your self a few tie down staps, go into your living room. Have a friend help you strap the end table to your back, be sure it is good and tight! *Safety first* :) Then run a few laps around the block. Let me know how that works out. ;)
  6. The 9800gtx is a steal for 130 bucks on Newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130339 Hell grab two and run them on an sli board.
  7. In my test with ArmaMark, the higher end ATI cards seem to get better fps with shadows turned up (high or very high) instead of down. There doesn't seem to be a magic setup that cures all evils for every system. You have to tinker with the settings until you find a setup that works best for you. On my 2 ATI HD4890 crossfired AA and AF seem to affect my performance the most.
  8. This could be faulty hardware, but its not. If you have bad hardware, this problem would present itself in other games, or heavy gpu activity. This game is poorly coded and/or optimized, this is why most people are having texture lag and artifacts.
  9. If that is the case,it is sad that he has to take hardware out of his machine in order for the game to work properly. I have a similar system as he does. Intel i7 920 @ 3.6 Ghz xFi SLI SE Motherboard Corsair XMS3 6 gb DDR3-1600 (2)ASUS HD480 Crossfire Resolution 1920 x 1080 I am not sure what the issue is, I have read many post as to why so many have issues with the game, but there is no one fix that works for everyone. What works for one, may make no difference for the other. With everything on very high, and with AA, AF, and PPE off I get 2800-3000 range on ArmaMark. Using all these launch parameters that have been suggested (ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 33900 -cpuCount=4 -nosplash -world=empt -maxmem=2047) I get 3000-3200. The game is poorly optimized, and it seems to get progressively worse with newer systems. That's not to say there aren't exceptions, but given systems like ours and others, this game should run better.
  10. Tincup

    Moveable Target Range

    I believe this is what Reaper was referring to. Click the pic to access larger image :) Or this one. I downloaded the first from www.armaholic.com I believe, the second I downloaded directly from your link.
  11. Not sure why you are busting on Steam, I have bought many games on Steam without the first issue. I use the Steam version an I have joined and hosted many games. Anyway... I read the post stating that you had opened ports and all, I am assuming this is on your router and firewall? From what I read from your post, you are computer literate, so more than likely it is a small issue that is being over looked. What firewall and router are you using? Also do you have Arma2 set in Steam to auto-update? VERSION 1.02.58134 HIGHLIGHTS Improved AI driving skills Lowered enemy AI skills for regular and recruit difficulty levels Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls. Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation Improved game stability (various crash opportunities fixed) Multiple save slots supported Improved terrain shape beyond map borders Various campaign and localisation fixes and improvements Modules (F7) support added in the Mission Editor Antialiasing enabled in Video options Different logic of fillrate optimizer: separate settings for 3D Resolution and UI Resolution implemented instead
  12. Tincup


    I say you stick with ARMA for a while. The fact that you have no knowledge of the game is partly the reason you haven't found much action. The realism factor for a lot of us is what gets our heart racing, the fact that you only have this one life intensifies things don't you think? It would help if you played the game with some experienced players, maybe in coop mode to see how intense and fun some of larger battles can be. There are a lot of veterans that play this game, myself included that love this type of game. Maybe you are right in saying that this is not the game for you, but I would give it a fair shake before I ditched it if I were you. As far as another game that may fall more online with BF2 would not be OFP2. No one knows for sure what the game play will be like in this game. These comments a based on speculation and nothing more. I suggest you wait for MW2 or Bad Company 2, also BF3 is in the works as well.
  13. Tincup

    ARMA2 put you off the Army ?

    There are many recruits and/or volunteers that never see combat. Once you join there is always a chance you will be called upon. In the US men do not have serve, it is by volunteers that we man our armies. With the exception of wartime and then a draft can be called for. I would like to see a one year mandatory service implemented, but that's not likely to happen.
  14. Tincup

    ARMA2 put you off the Army ?

    You are young when you join up for the most part, that is one of the reasons there is an age limit. At a younger age, men especially have a feeling of invunerability, and they are still at a very impressionable state. That makes it easier to mold into soldiers, as they haven't become jaded with their limited life experiences. But these young men join for various reasons, sometimes it is there heritage that pushes them into the direction of the military. Several generations of my family served, I just always knew I would as well. There are times too when people join due to lack of options as well. Once you turn 18 it is unlikely to find yourself on a road full of job opportunities, so lack of options sometimes force a persons hand so to speak. It may their best opportunity of having a chance to get out of their little town or a bad situation. The other are the gung-ho types that just want to shoot and blow stuff up, and what better place is there to do that? With all that said, I don't think a game is likely to push you in one direction or the other when making your decision to serve or not. Granted I served my time in the late 80's into the late 90's. So it was a different time then. Maybe I would be of a different opinion had I grown up in a different generation. But in my opinion, the game is still just that a game. The game can not convey the feeling you have seeing a friend in your unit lying there with his guts hanging out after being hit with an IED. The sheer terror that is war is hard to put into words, much less portrayed in a game. I applaud any man or woman willing to don the uniform to defend their country. I did it for years, and if you were to ask me of my time served. I would tell you it was one of the best times of my life, but there are experiences within that time that will haunt my thoughts forever. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly even though that is normally the case.
  15. There are plenty of threads stating what doesn't work. I thought it might help if we knew the systems that did work. This is the system I currenly have andit works well for me. I average around 45 fps with everything on very high with the exception of AA & AF & post process effects which I have disabled until the game is patched or better drivers come out for the ATI cards. I want to focus on this thread on the people that can play the game, But their frame rates are horrible given the system. CPU: Intel i7 920 @ 3.6 Ghz MB: EVGA X58 SLI SE Memory: Corsair XMS3 1600mhz 6Gb video Card: (2)Asus HD4890 Sound: OnBoard sound at the moment OS: Windows 7 RC Drivers: ATI Catalyst 9.7 Beta I have ran all of the updates for all drivers, chipset, Bios, Video, Sound. If enough people post their fps and their information maybe we can find a common thread.