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  1. trooper117

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I didn't destroy the AFV on the hill, just approached the base and killed all the occupants... :) Then took the truck.
  2. trooper117

    Adapt... Finished :)

    Right... where in the official documentation does it state that the 'hold fire' command will make your troops return to their formation?
  3. Just finished the second part of the campaign, Adapt... Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Some tough missions in places... mainly tough because my AI squad mates keep doing everything but carry out the orders I need them to do. :banghead: As usual the mission then becomes a lonewolf fight fest. One thing that really surprised me was the mission to distract enemy forces while 'Miller' and his team affect a rescue further up the coast (Attention Deficit?)... The surprise was that it was almost a carbon copy of the 'night' showcase mission... not very original to sling it in the campaign, (yes, they even set it on Stratis) :icon_wink: That said, it ends on a 'WTF' moment, and I'm looking forward to the next instalment to find out what is going on! Despite my little gripes, pretty good fun throughout :icon_mrgreen:
  4. trooper117

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    Finished this yesterday... got Kappa to attack the compound. Hid in a building next to the fuel truck and killed a couple of guards.. Kappa distracted or killed the others. Ran to truck and got out of Dodge, lol!
  5. trooper117

    Starting the scouting missions in Adapt

    This thread is a god send... thanks guys! I'd have missed all of these side missions. Why on earth have the dev's designed the campaign this way? it's beyond me. :( Right, will revert and see if I can get these missions going in game tonight...
  6. trooper117

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Got this working ok in the editor with Kiory's SA80 pack. Does anyone know if there are any missions made with these excellent mods?
  7. trooper117

    User Mission Request Thread

    Anyone made any missions with Stalkers British Infantry and Kiory's SA80 pack? The game is always U.S. biased as regards to it's stock missions. As this is a Nato force with British soldiers involved it would be good to have a range of missions with a Brit flavour :)
  8. trooper117

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    Lost one guy on the way to Girna, wasn't to difficult :) but even when I get the drone airborne I keep getting a message that Bravo have been killed and the mission ends... has anything changed since the last update? Edit... Sorted it. Used the laser on the drone, then the other fire team engaged the spotters... as they ran for cover, kept using the laser to show where they had gone to until they were engaged and killed. :)
  9. trooper117

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Believe it or not, just seen this thread! Very glad that a new version of I44 will be hitting the Arma3 beach head! Will be watching this with anticipation :)
  10. trooper117

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    I've been using the SA80 since 1986... I had to convert my unit from SLR to it. We didn't like it then, (didn't want to lose our trusty SLR's). After the novelty had worn off it was obvious it had problems. We all thought we would go back to the SLR, but after the A2 version came out it did iron out some of the problems. It all comes down to this really, the SA80's Bullpup design is a sophisticated weapon system, unlike the AK or SLR, it therefore needed more care and attention from the soldier. I always thought that my SLR or AK for that matter would still work, even if dropped it a muddy stream bed... I didn't have the same confidence in my SA80, sadly... Happy to say though, for the last 2yrs after leaving the army I am still using the SLR for my present job :)
  11. trooper117

    A3 Crashing Consistantly

    I used to use the flush command with Arma 2, but what is supr?
  12. trooper117

    A3 Crashing Consistantly

    I have this same problem and I'm running an Nvidia GTX 570.
  13. trooper117

    TMR Modular Realism

    Cannot get the bipod to deploy at all... the 'tab' key doesn't work. Can anyone tell me what key I need to bind it to? and where it is located.. I can't find a 'Lock target' command anywhere. Also keep getting an error sign every time I start the game that addon 'JSRS2_200' is missing? I've downloaded the mod plus CBA and the JSRS requirement and installed and activated all components, but still keep getting this error... any ideas chaps? The mod by the way is a great idea, and I hope these small problems get ironed out :)
  14. trooper117

    WIP British Infantry

    Just fantastic work! Really looking forward to the release. Have to say, with more excitement than the actual game release :)
  15. trooper117

    Flush command in Arma 3?

    Yes, just found that if I am in game and use the command it does work... However, when my game freezes, it doesn't work, lol! Strange, as in ArmaII it always worked regardless.. so at a bit of a loss really?