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  1. I was able to confirm that the reason I was getting this error was installing the D-Day DLC without first patching Iron Front. So full uninstall of Iron Front then: 1. install Iron Front 2. patch 1.0-1.01 3. patch 1.01-1.02 4. patch 1.02-1.03 5. patch 1.03-1.04 6. patch 1.04-1.05 7. install D-Day DLC Worked for me, hope it works for others.
  2. It is possible but not a sure thing, simware will likely refuse the refund and then you have to escalate to Paypal for a resolution, explain the details clearly on how they missed the advertised delivery date and have not communicated well, then hope Paypal decides in your favor. I went through that with the preorder and for a while it looked like I would be the owner of two copies, the Simware copy and the Sprocket copy, but in the end Paypal decided in my favor, but it took a while and I had not downloaded anything or used any Simware keys since I had asked for the refund and bought from Sprocket before Simware finally came through with the late preorder keys. So it is definitely not a sure thing as Simware seems to fight the refund even though they are in the wrong being late on their advertised release date and lack of communication on delays or support inquiries. So be prepared for a headache and maybe even not winning out in the end. I've come to expect much better from digital delivery purchases after hundreds of good digital purchase games and FSX addon with other companies that don't cause these headaches, Sprocket was very smooth so far.
  3. Just be careful of buying somewhere else before getting the refund agreed from them, from experience they refuse the refund on any download products even though they haven't delivered, and will fight your refund request unless you can get paypal or your CC to override them. Don't ask how I know. Definitely learned my lesson with the order from them.
  4. Played a bit yesterday and want to add my congrats, definitely enjoying it (as a FSX and Arma2 fan). It feels like the dev team took our feedback from the pre-release beta and improved the transition to hover (no bunny hop now) and also the light helicopter doesn't float as much now when you drop collective, it actually loses altitude. If it's not just placebo effect then my thanks to the dev team for listening to that, enjoying TOH as is and looking forward to lots of future enhancements similar to Arma series.
  5. For the pre-order demo, Simware was about 24hrs behind on getting the key, and the only response I received was from info@simw.com and nothing from support@simw.com I'd guess similar for the final release.
  6. From a flight simulator perspective the traffic is useful for immersion, but I don't think it's a key thing once you are used to it. Like the OP I noticed the disappearing traffic at the intersections thing the first time or two that I did a flight, but pretty soon it blended into the background of immersion things like clouds, trees etc that are there when I am flying, but I hardly notice it now. Cool that you guys are working on it though.
  7. kludger

    First Thoughts

    +1 as well. Thanks and I also definitely appreciate the work you guys are putting into a civil helicopter sim, and am really looking forward to all the possibilities the mission editor and mods open up for the community.
  8. kludger

    General Flight Model

    Yeah I am also experiencing the same problem, overall the controls feel good, but seeing the same collective issues reported, light helicopter not descending with 0 collective, and on trying to set it down smoothly I am getting the same bunny hop behavior hard to find a smooth settled attitude at < 5 feet off the ground, maybe it is the ground effect simulation or something. I've tried reducing sensitivity curve and 0 deadzone on my Saitek X52 and the numbers look good in the controls window but still hard to land without bunny hop or dropping it down too fast.
  9. kludger

    X 52 pro problems

    X52 non-pro working well for me, I echo what others said make sure no other mapped devices to the cyclic, pedals or collective, I also noticed mouse was mapped to them by default for me which I undid.
  10. kludger

    Terrain Detail

    Thanks for providing those settings YoYo. Turning PIP and PostProcessing off and turning up the Texture to High and Object Detail to High has fixed up my blurries, now I am getting 30-40 fps. I still want to tweak the detail/popup distance but very playable now, pretty happy with the video now on my i7-920@4.1ghz ATI5870, I fraps'ed a sample here with settings shown at the end: kkyDx8zYD7g Looking forward to the final release version and the full autogen 3d objects for the whole map.
  11. kludger

    Terrain Detail

    Excellent that is good to hear, looking forward to the final version.
  12. Thanks Dwarden good to hear official support is in the works.
  13. kludger

    Terrain Detail

    I installed to a SSD and the textures seem not too bad from ~2000 feet in the light helicopter (maybe it gets more blurry in the faster ones) but what I noticed once I got out of Seattle into far North Seattle (Richmond Highlands) and went low altitude is that there is no autogen 3D objects down low besides cars that far out of town. It kind of reminds me of FS9 back when I used to run Megascenery 2005 PNW photo scenery with no autogen. So I am assuming the autogen was only mapped so far for the beta, I am hoping the final version will have autogen buildings mapped farther outside the downtown or that they can be added later as a mod. Still the helicopter handling is pretty fun and the mission possibilities should be great, enjoying this especially as someone who lives in Seattle and was not a fan of the FSX helicopter modeling.
  14. FYI quick tip, I noticed crossfire was not working with my 5870s. I was able to make a copy of TakeOnH.exe and rename it to ArmA2OA.exe, and the next time I ran it crossfire came on and my second video card started being used and improved FPS. So I'm guessing then next time ATI/AMD puts out the crossfire CAP profiles this will be easy to turn on with crossfire, but for now the rename trick works great.
  15. I pre-ordered through Simware (simw.com) and no beta key available from them yet... I emailed them, hoping they have it tomorrow or sooner.