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  1. wildone_106

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    wwow really? That F****ing sucks.......
  2. wildone_106

    Midrange Textures need improvement

    Go back to Operation Flashpoint 2000 nothing has changed much for you then
  3. wildone_106

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Collective is weird, you can drop it all the way down the chopper wont descend. Bring on the new flight model already
  4. wildone_106

    JUMP please!!

    NO. Dolphin diving.
  5. wildone_106

    Chopper default control scheme

    The collective is weird, when I decrease it generally nothing happens for a LONGGGG time, its only when I slow down/pulling back hard does it start to take effect. But when I reduce the collective I expect it to go DOWN immediatly...thats how it is in real life no? and every other chopper sim I've flown. So cant wait for this to change.
  6. wildone_106

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    I was able to 'pull' on the horizontal at high speed 250 knots without the speed dropping going around in a circle, it flys more like a small jet than a chopper! Also the rudders are barely effective enough to be of any use. Trying to target those cars was pretty hard all I could do was go one strafes (much like a plane) the rudders where useless at anything above a hover. Does not feel like a chopper based on any other game I've played
  7. I was not able to middle click or use a keyboard control to exit the chopper once the mission has started. Tried Ejecting, tried exiting, tried middle mouse clicking-no option to exit the chopper?
  8. You cant see the space needle from there all the buildings are in the way/infront of it.
  9. typical half arsed implementation. I just like flyin around Seattle though..
  10. If DCS Black Shark is a 10, and FSX is 1, I'd rate his at 2 or 3 on the difficulty scale. Very easy as it currently stands.
  11. wildone_106

    Helo sim by Bohemia? Sold!

    Airwolf would be RAD!
  12. I landed at Gasworks Park although the hill was Flat (kinda disappointing) but the view from there was perfect, taken many pics from that hill to the city and it looks good!
  13. wildone_106

    FlyBy View ????

    I agree, I dont think its acceptable to just leave things 'as is' if your trying to play this title off as a helicopter simulation. It might be ok for Arma but laziness not to even attempt to differentiate it from that and let us have some standard flight sim stuff.
  14. wildone_106

    Terrain Detail

    Its definitely impressive so far, I have landed my chopper on vista’s I have visited often and the view is almost matching reality 100% in terms of where things should be roughly, the views match its quite incredible! I would like to see it go the next level though like most people are saying, less blurry textures and clearer roads. I’d rather have a smaller area done than half of WA State. The preview Beta area is just fine for me if that was focused on and brought up, almost make a study sim of Seattle/Bellevue! Im sure maybe mods will do this too with even more specific buildings. FSX did a good enough job considering all that it does..but this is so specifically Seattle it BEGS for that higher attention to detail IMHO. Can’t wait to see/fly more!
  15. wildone_106

    Keyboard List?

    is it really that easy to fly a chopper lol
  16. wildone_106

    FlyBy View ????

    Thats cool, but when I press enter all it does is show the back end of the chopper just like Arma which is fine, but it always snaps back to that view and its not very easy/friendly. Im not a coder so that list of strings is meaningless to me;) A real fly-by view would be cool!
  17. wildone_106

    FlyBy View ????

    I dont think there is one? That would be GREAT! The standard Arma viewing system always kinda sucked IMHO, it keeps snapping back to behind the vehicle. It'd be awesome to have some better & easier ways to get outside views and FOV change (not just holding down plus and have it snap back to default grr)
  18. Another thing, do you potential foresee adding traffic jam simulation because frankly, the traffic was MOVING and for Seattle thats not right either;) heh
  19. wildone_106

    First Thoughts

    I landed in the middle of Downtown yesterday and tried to find my office, it wasn't there but just being able to do that was really cool lol
  20. wildone_106

    Tdm 08 flyby

    That sounds like fun!
  21. I did and I installed everything default, I do not have time to re-code the game to get it to work unfortunately. I hope BI makes the final version a bit easier to run for non-engineer's like myself! Thx anyway
  22. I do not have the steam version, everythings installed as default location and when I try to run I get "No entry'.profilepathdefault'. "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\tkoh_preview\takeonhpreview.exe" Any ideas? Thanks
  23. I'll give you the lowdown. Your F***ed. Same thing happened to me, I cant get OA for a while yet so I cannot play Ace online. It doesn't matter they dropped ACE like a hot potatoe as soon as OA came out so yea, upgrade or get out basically ;)