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  1. Q9550, 4mb ram, GTX 285, everything on medium with decent fps.
  2. DLcmdr I have quad 9550 @ 2.83, 4gb ram, GTX 285 and vista 32 I cant play the game on medium. I play low/medium and hava 15-25 fps. Nice to hear others also have problems.
  3. swe

    viewdistance and other dissapointments

    DayGlow What do you mean by cheat in this context? What is LHD? What is a/the manafest?
  4. alexgstudios I have a q9550, 4gb ram and a GTX 280 and i play on medium/low and have maybe 15-27 fps, which is pretty bad. You will have better but from what i understand, its verry individuall from computer to computer, even with the same setup. In statistics it is called that the standard error/variance is large.
  5. OK, i got 1: 286943 2: 303869 3:247491 4:315623 5:106955 Samlade 252176 ---------- Post added at 01:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:04 AM ---------- that is 2521.76... half of yours I cant install the latest drivers, nvidia dont recognize my operative system. it says that i dont use a 32 mbit, but i sure do.
  6. no i think i got it, thx.. ill do it now, dont go to sleep!!!!
  7. Stealth, thanks for the link, unfortunaly my skills behind the computer is to bat to know what to do. I download a file, "ArmaIIMark.chernarus.pbo", but then? A pbo file is above my knowledge... Tell me as if i was 12.
  8. cartier, what are youre settings on resulution and graphics in the game?
  9. Snow, if i had 20-35 i would be so happy!!! And my computer is 7 days old. ---------- Post added at 08:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:29 PM ---------- Cartier, now i just tried that on an almost empty server and yes, i had when i was alone 25-27 fps when i changed from normal to verry high. If i join a full server i will still have constant below 25
  10. i have asked this question before, but no one answers. There must be something wrong with my computer or is this normal: ---------------- My computer: -q9550 -4gb ram -nvidia gtx 285 1gb -vista 32 ------------ I play ArmA on settings: texture - normal video memory - normal anisotropic filtering - disabled terrain - normal object - normal Shadow - disabled postprocess effect - disabled interface resolution 1680*1050*32 3d resolution 1260*786 View dist 2000 And i have 15-27 fps in arma 2 I have pretty old drivers and have no idea how to uppgrade then (how to uninstall the old and install the new) pleas, someone, answer this, i can send you money or something... im getting desperat
  11. swe

    newbie with a serious gripe

    Is this really in multiplayer? I have never sen or left an empty vehicle in mp. maybe you are talking about coop?