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  1. Hey boys and Girls I just have one quick question, I don't know if this has been asked before, I have scoured ArmAholic and BIC wiki I am trying to force the view distance on a map i am creating, I know the syntax is setviewdistance 1800 (for 1.8km) but where do i put that syntax? is it in the mission.sqm file? or discription.ext? or is it a script i have to put in a init box?? any help would be awesome thank you.
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    Thank you very much mum, much apreaciated
  3. Hey fellas I’m pretty new to the Forums here but an old hat at FP and ArmA One thing I would love to see and GOOB touched on it is more accurate sniper modelling i.e. the requirement to setup your scope before the shot (windage elevation e.t.c.) I think that could also make shots more rewarding but harder to achieve thus making the sniper weapons less appealing to let’s say some new(b)ish players ;) Also being a Brit I’d love to see a few Brit uniforms and maybe the L85A2 Maybe a rework of the AV8 to the GR9? cos let’s face it where you find Americans you'll find brits lol.
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    This may be a stupid question but does anyone know where i can Download the PBO for EVOLUTION V 0.8? iv searched everywhere and I just cannot find it! any help with this would be really cool.