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    Where is the simulation

    I think that long term users of Bistudios products are having an easier time accepting this game for what it is. They build us the framework and give us the tools then the community builds the game into many different forms. Not a real pilot myself, find the flight model infinatly better than arma but despite understanding the theory of rotary flight I struggle on expert difficulty because i cant 'feel' the aircraft moving. Does seem to need a bit more work on mass and inertia modeling or something. I also wish the gauges\dash was a bit clearer. in a few months this game will be a vastly improved beasty. If you're genuinely hating it, give it a break, but do revisit it, you've allready spent the cash!
  2. chopperforce

    Mission 10 - The Take Down

    yeh i was in about 20 m away, right under him in fact trying not to flare up into him. Would have been better above him, I guess in real life if you could match and fly directly above another chopper you would disrupt it's lift but possibly your own as well. I remember reading a book by a Royal Navy Lynx pilot that said occasionally the Seaking SAR bird would pass above them and cause a momentary loss of lift whilst trying to land back on a carrier.
  3. chopperforce

    CfgMusic duration?

    this looks like your entry in the description.ext in which case i'm not sure if you set the duration here. would you not use the FadeMusic command in the script which starts the music playing. ie 282 FadeMusic 0 would fade the music to 0 after 282 seconds or perhaps it would take 282 seconds to fade the music giving a gradual fade from the begining of the song in which case you could try: wait 282; 0 FadeMusic 0; which would obviously wait 282second then fade the music out sharply. I am hazy on how it works but i do not recall ever having seen a 'duration' in the music section of a description.ext before, course ToH could be differant from arma 2, I prey i've helped rather than muddied the waters:) i'm off to have a play now if i get something working i'll share. Ok had a play and its not good, using '282 FadeMusic 0' will indeed fade slowly over the 282 seconds instead of waiting untill 282 then cutting it. Also i cant seem to get the delay to work, you should be able to put '~282' to put a pause in a script of 282 seconds but its not working for me. sorry and good luck with it.
  4. chopperforce

    X-52 throttle problem

    Sorry if this is stating the obvious but if this IS how you're set up and you are having the problem you describe I dont know what the problem can be. What you are experiencing sounds like when i tried to use my x52 in arma2 but my x52 works fine in ToH. Oh yes and worth mentioning incase anyone is coming to helo's from fixed wing sims, you map your throttle controller to the 'collective' comands in a helicopter as after startup/warmup the throttles are set to auto and are electronicaly governed by the helo (this is simplistic and probably innacurate, but the main point is that you map your throttle controller to collective)
  5. chopperforce

    X 52 pro problems

    all i can suggest is make sure you have no other devices mapped to your flying controls (mouse is by default i think and w,a,s,d keys) just un bind every input command from cyclic, collective and rudder pedals exept obviously your joystick. It is an x52 pro i'm using, no issues except my lack of talent with rotary winged beasts!
  6. i use x52 pro aswell, working fine so far. Whiskey Tango i gave up using my joystick in arma because of numerous mapping issues including the throttle problem but am pleased to report that the throttle works perfectly normally in this game. P.S anyone with an x52 i recomend removing the throttle detents (lumpy bit at idle and afterburner) easy job and you can undo the mod if you wanna sell yer stick or have warranty issues.