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  1. Mosku_FIN

    Bennys warfare

    So this means warfare Benny is coming???? :bounce3::bounce3::yay::bounce3::bounce3:
  2. Mosku_FIN

    A noob's first day....

    Our server is open and friendly for newcomers, we play lot of domi and other missions where loss of one helo isnt so bad and people need ar transport/support all the time, so if your ping is good, feel free to join in! Server is located in Germany and you can find it typing FTB on filter. (Finnish Tank Battalion) ..oh, and to mention.. lot of 30+ people of age playing there ;)
  3. Mosku_FIN

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Why? I mean ArmA 3 and usermade zombie mod for it, where would you suggest I post it? No value on your post so far..
  4. Mosku_FIN

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    As thread says, I'd like to see a mod where player can choose to play as zombie if they wish, (dont know if there is one allready?) Imo it would give a whole new perspective to whole game mode. Imagine, now you would really have to look out for Z's because now they think..:D Of course only "weapons" for Z's would be biting and hiting but I think it could be fun to sneak on unsuspecting survivors. Maybe it would need some kind of alarm system for z's when survivor enters town etc to keep it interesting. What do you think?
  5. Mosku_FIN

    COWarMod Release

    Hi, Is this mod available via SixUpdater? If not, any plans for that?
  6. Mosku_FIN

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Hello, Is this available on Sixupdater or Yoma addonsync?
  7. Is this available via Yoma-Addonsync?
  8. I have this "Game unavailable atm" problem too.. very annoying. Feels like I bought a case of beer and got home just to notice that bottles aren't available at the moment...They took my money though..:mad:
  9. I cant get steam version running, it keeps saying "Game is not available at the moment please try again later" Any ideas?
  10. Had same problems with steam version and latest beta, but defragging via steam seems to help. Works perfectly now. --->Back to campaign
  11. Mosku_FIN

    `No entry 3d config - error.

    I will try that
  12. Hi, I started playing today and after a while decided to reboot my computer. When robooted and tryied to start ArmA 2 CO i got following error message: error "No entry C:\Users\Mosku_FIN\Documents\ArmA2\ArmA2OA.config.3D_Performance" Seems like Arma 2 cant access configs. How ever its strange that this error showed up after reboot, before that everything worked fine. Anyone can help?
  13. Mosku_FIN

    Yet another easter egg

    I think it's just copied from text "LADA", Check out lada steering wheel... http://www.lada-auto.ru/cgi-bin/viewimg.pl?tbl=lada_photo&fld=preview&id=208
  14. Mosku_FIN

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Uhm.. I'm having a little problem atm.. I must find a "Local communication tower" but i cant find it anywhere on main target. :) Does it still look the same in OA that it did in ArmA 2? (Small black radiotower) or is it different now?