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  1. Lord Willy

    Is ARMA 2 better than OFP?

    Opf 2 is very unrealistic the game play sucks the weapons sucks the ai is the worst i have ever seen , the missions sucks cause there cant be more that 60 sodliers in the same missions, the multiplayer is really disgusting , the Campaign is very very short the only thing good that is better of arma II is th graphic for the rest ARMA II is the real Successor of Operation Flashpoint 1
  2. Lord Willy

    Saving Games CTD

    Thanks! yeah I have it too on dogs of war ....
  3. Lord Willy

    Saving Games CTD

    @Sisko Thats is not a good way to think who tell you that it will be another patch ? and who tell you that if there will be another patch your and myne prblm will be fixed ....? Anyway i have the same problem but like 1 on 5 save this happen .... also to you or it crash everytime ....?
  4. Lord Willy

    Saving Games CTD

    Well I had your same problem ... I was Playing Arma 2 with no patches and suddenly when I start to save the Game Crashes at The start I tried to put Admin Option and it was better but then i tried to disable antivirus and VAC and it goes .... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1329804#post1329804 try to do what Von Paulus Say
  5. Lord Willy


    Well Thanks to Paulus Now M Arma 2 except some minor bugs is running good BTW today I was playing and Windws send me a message with write that i ave to stop arma II if I dont want to lost memory...
  6. Lord Willy


    I mean That I Bought it with a contract of 6 month then after this 6 month the contract have terminated and now i want to renovate it for 6 month again
  7. Lord Willy


    its 2008 But has said i have o refresh it
  8. Lord Willy


    Thanks :) Well So i Have Many space like 10000 I think That you are right Von Paulus Cause Everytime That I Play Arma II my Norton anti Virus Being crazy I try now Thanks ---------- Post added at 07:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:36 PM ---------- Well I've tried as a first option to disable Dat Execution Prevention ... and all goes Perfectly , and When I save it dosent Crash .... But I dont want to fall in enthusiasm Cause i Discover That My Arma is Discontinous , it go only perfectly sometimes since around 7:00 Pm to the Night then it Start to go very slowly and CTD . But I'm Optimist:) Paulus Another Think , How to disable My Anti Virus , cause its already i have to refresh it cause it terminated but its still work aginst Virus and When i play Multiplayer it become crazy ..... Really Really Thanks Paulus I'm Starting to think to send you money:p cause it seems that You Are Like Working for me with all the help that you Give me Thanks Willy Thanks
  9. Lord Willy


    Hi MPBR Thanks For Interesting in my issue:) I Have 97 GB on 290 of Free Space Sorry MPBR How To check how Many virtual memory I have ( If you Mean RAM,3582 MB) it say Arma stop to Work - I have Windows Vista Dont Know How to check the Temp of my CPU/CASE When it Crash mmm I think that my Machine was Never re - Build Also i dont Know how to answer at this question MPBR As You See i'm not an Expert of Computers:( But I Really Look Forward for Precious Your Help Thank You Very Much Willy
  10. Lord Willy


    Well now it crash when I save also with the administrator option :( Really dont know what to do with the game:mad::(
  11. Lord Willy


    ok Thanks So I have to put render and resolution at the same number and what number....? and if I change this also my game i will go fastest... cause i tried to play also at low quality but it go sometimes very slow some times normal Thanks Willy
  12. Lord Willy


    mmm Anyone Know why my game crash when I save the Game? :confused: thanks :) Willy ---------- Post added at 09:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:37 PM ---------- ok Well I've resolved the problem .... (I Launch ARMA 2 with the administrator option) Anyway Thank you Very Much for your time Von Paulus
  13. Lord Willy


    Its ok Like this?
  14. I had the Same prblm With Arma I but the language was in Czech ...
  15. Lord Willy


    ok , Thank you very much Here it is : language="Italian"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=48387; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1024; Resolution_H=768; refresh=60; Render_W=1280; Render_H=800; FSAA=0; postFX=0; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=1058603008; nonlocalVRAM=1609854976;