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  1. Hi guys, i have a friend trying to download the six updater, but everytime he gets a little bit through the process, it gives him the following error: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000a5). Click OK to close the application."
  2. Got CO to download, but everytime i try and start it through the Six updater, it gives me this error " WARNING!: Something went wrong starting the app arma2oaserver.exe" any help?
  3. Ok, does anyone want to tell me how to run it with OA? Im running the Six updater, and i completley messed it up earlier, and now everything is disabled, and i dont know how to get it back. All im trying to do now is to get ACE working For OA.
  4. im just gonna delete everything and start from scratch, because i can't even load vanilla OA.
  5. Ive Tried, i don't know what the problem is lol. ive almost given up hope, ive searched everywhere, but nothing has helped me. Ive pretty much ****** up the Six updater suite, and now it wont even run ACe for OA.
  6. I cant find anything that helps me find a solution, ive done so much screwing around i think ive nearly broken six updater and everything else!
  7. I have tried, it seems that its the same problems, steam keeps telling me the game is unavailable, and it just won't load. Im new to this computer stuff, and i donèt know what im missing.
  8. Guys any help? i tried downloading the stable versionfor CO, but that didin't work. is there a simple process to do this? the dev heaven site is confusing to me since im new to the PC.
  9. i did this, but it launched from steam, and told me the game was unavailable. please someone help me, im new to this cpu stuff and placing files everywhere, and its very confusing to me.
  10. Hi guys, merry x-mas! have a question is there a step by step guide to installing ACE for CO? i seem to not download it right every time,and theres always something wrong.
  11. M1Garand

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    The Record is actually held by a british soldier now.
  12. M1Garand

    Laser Targeting

    How do you affectivley Laser target? me and my friends tried it a few times, but nothing would show up in the cockpit, and its real frustrating to do. anybody got some steps to properly laser target?
  13. where do i find it? and how do i move it into the mission folder? sorry for such noob questions, just getting used to computers.
  14. dosent work, do i have to enable the wounded mod? if so were do i do it?