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  1. It works fine on vanilla apart from when I spawn it with an AI pilot it saids "Bad vehicle type US_Soldier_Type_EP1" though I can spawn an AI and tell him to get in and it'll work fine.
  2. Haha seems like he did, cheers for the heads up.
  3. How's the addon going? Also would it even be possible to get a Battloid mode? I don't expect it to be possible to walk around but atleast fly around?
  4. MadCatChiken

    rah-66 commanche?

    I thought it looked like an Steyr Aug A3 he was holding, then again the grip looks different. I dunno i'm no gun expert. Edit: After googling the Magpul PDW, looks like one of those the guy is holding in the screenshot.
  5. Nice nice nice, looking really good so far! You should do a version without super packs the because the super packs wouldn't be used in atmosphere. ;)
  6. Damn awesome dude, just finished watching Macross Frontier for a 3rd time lol. You should try make this bad boy. http://obdpictures1.wikispaces.com/file/view/macross-frontier-vf-25-mmm.jpg/196790872/macross-frontier-vf-25-mmm.jpg
  7. A scaled down version of the SDF-1 in Arma would be interesting or some of the other veritechs being made for arma, with a working Battloid mode.. I wanna Daedulus attack.
  8. Maybe its a scripting problem? Would be nice, because the Macross/Robotech stuff is awesome.
  9. MadCatChiken

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    It would be nice to see a Styr Aug in the game, civil and mil versions.
  10. MadCatChiken

    Happy New Year and Thank You BIS!

    i can't remember some of last night..
  11. MadCatChiken

    Eagle Wing (Spoiler alert!)

    Showed me aswell, lol. Its probs in the code to mention your profile name.
  12. MadCatChiken

    Best Features of 1.05

    I was in the community thanks.. lol..
  13. MadCatChiken

    Best Features of 1.05

    Oh and the best "This is Sparta" i've ever heard.
  14. MadCatChiken

    Best Features of 1.05

    Ah-64D and Eagle Wing nuff said.