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  1. Its the OA that is going "lite" & it seems to be when I install the 1.60 patch, by that time I already have the OA installed , as its when I install the 1.62 patch its saying updating OA Lite. And yes, my RF is all on one DVD ( contains both BAF & PMC ). Any suggestion of better place to download the patches again that are NOT corrupt?
  2. Hi again KK.. Retried installing it all again. Running it after each installation and patch. Got to same place. went smooth up untill 1.62 patch. It updated ArmA2 to 1.11 fine Seems to be the OA bit of the patch it is screwing up on. It starts updating the OA section, and then came the errors... error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\anims_e.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\language.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\languagemissions.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\languagemissions_e.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\language.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\missions_e.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\ui.pbo error found in file EXPANSION\ADDONS\weapons_e.pbo then it went on to BAF and PMC both ok. I should mention too, that I noticed, that one of the patches( i think its 1.60 ) turned my OA into OA lite....? why did that happen, as I have the full DVD, and could that be why its having issues with the OA section of the patch..
  3. No kkdownboy, not secrom, when i went to add the 1.62 patch, it said one of the patches was newer than the one it was trying to install, the only options I had was retry, (did that 3 times but it instantly failed each time) cancel, or skip. Cant remember which I clicked now, but I think i tried cancel. It seemed to carry on patching, but looked like the patched were going down not up, as I remember seeing 1.03, then 1.02 . either way, when it finished. I said successful. But then when I ran it. It did get further than usual, got into the game, but when I tried the benchmark run to check it was running, it crashed to desktop. I forgot to write down the error that was in the box. Anyway, I backed up the ArmA 2 directory just before I installed the Reinforcements disc. So ill paste that back over the lot, and run it, and then install Reinforcements again, and run it, and then patch 1.62. fingers crossed. By the way...I notice it says install BAF and or PMC. Does it make any difference if I am installing from the Reinforcements DVD? ( has both in one ) thanks again KK, nice to see someone trying to help.
  4. Worked as far as the Install BAF & Reinforcements. But as soon as I tried to install the 1.62 patch... it went wrong. And error as usual.. I'm getting sick to the bloody teeth of this patching not working. And even after 2 messages to UK Support, NO REPLY WHAT SO EVER.
  5. Am I able to get any help with this at all please?
  6. Hi there all I am trying to re-install ARMA 2, Operation Arrowhead, & Reinforcements, all fresh from their seperate DVDs, ( bought at time of release ) and update to the latest patch, Preferably with all in same ArmA 2 directory. Can you please tell me the correct sequence of events to get a working installlation & full up to date patch. I have tried twice so far, but keep getting errors every time i try to install the patches. Kind regards Rob Engvikson.
  7. Don't read if you are still doing the missions
  8. Ill second that RAF Chinook :) that would be AWESOME
  9. Blodhemn

    Load Game Crash Badlands CTD

    Hi there Did you ever get it fixed? im habing the same problem myself.
  10. Did you ever get it fixed? Im having same problem
  11. Im having exact same problem with the Badlands mission. I had taken control of 3 out of the 4 towns, met the NAPA bloke and saved my game. Went to continue tonight, and it crashes to Desktop everytime i try to load my game saying it cannot load the save game. I am not going to restart the same mission, it took me 2 days to get that far into the mission. ( I dont get as much time to play as some people, work long hours with multiple jobs ), so this is a game killer for me if there is no workaround. I tried deleting the continue.ArmA2Save but that didnt help. tried deleting the last save, that didnt help, and if I delete the campaign.sqc it puts me at the start of the entire campaign ( good job i backed up my save folder ). Any suggestions out there?
  12. Blodhemn

    Badlands - Guide???

    Gave me the VBS listed, but still could not buy it. Damn annoying, im having to try the mission with just my four guys, bloody hard.
  13. Blodhemn

    Badlands - Guide???

    I cannot buy any units in Badlands? When I try looking whats available, it just says "Receiving Data" but no data ever shows up. Really annoying, and I never got the APC either as that was destroyed.
  14. I installed the 1.02 patch, still have the Deaf & Dumb Squad. So ive stopped play now until patch fixes the campaign. Having fun making own missions & messing around in the armoury, trying to open everything. Just played a chicken trying to escape the hunters, lol.