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  1. Something you could try in a pinch is this translation site. After you translate something from English to Russian, a "megaphone" icon will pop up and if you click on it you will be redirected to an audio clip of the word(s) being read in Russian. I can imagine the translations are fairly rough, as most online translation programs are, but it's better than nothing :o
  2. PhelanKA7

    Adding sound

    Do you just put the .lip file in the same directory as your sounds and it automatically picks it up, or is there a script command involved?
  3. BB_mercenary comes from the first Addon listed in the OP:
  4. I might give this a try as long as it can be used like "user1 disableUserInput true" and disable only one player in a multiplayer mission and not EVERYONE playing. Thanks for the help.
  5. Here's what I am wanting to do: I have an action in my mission that is supposed to fully occupy a single unit as he "works" on an object. Is there a way to keep a unit from firing his weapon until a trigger "unlocks" him? As of right now, the trigger is just removing his weapons, and when the countdown of the trigger is complete I have a script that adds a preset list of weapons back to the unit. The problems here should be obvious... Namely if the unit picked up a different weapon or expended a number of magazines, the disparity between the two would be obvious to the player. So basically what I need is either of the following two options: 1) Remove the player's existing weapons and then add them back exactly as they were when they were removed after the trigger is complete. OR 2) Disable the unit until the trigger is completed. I'm not expecting anyone to write the script for me, but a few clues to point me down the right direction would be much appreciated :) Thanks for any help!
  6. PhelanKA7

    Adding sound

    Sorry to necro this thread, but could someone point me in the direction of how to get NPCs to lipsync CFGSounds entries? I did a search, and this was the closest thread to the subject I could find :j: PS - I really don't feel like unpacking the game for the Single Player Campaign if I don't have to.
  7. I'm having the same problem with this script as I had with the problem I described in this thread. In short, the jets/helicopters start too close to the ground, and eventually crash. Over water the crash occurs about 2 seconds after spawning. However, if I put SU2501 setVelocity [-100, 0, 0] //Sets SU2501 velocity to 100kph in a west direction in the script after the SetVehicleVarname command it seems to work just fine. How was this script working without that setVelocity command I am wondering? What am I missing?
  8. Thanks for that! Yeah, I realize I could've opened up the PBOs, but I wasn't too keen on that idea ;)
  9. You must convert your sound file into OGG format using something like OGGDropxpd. Then it should work. OGGDropxpd will not work with mp3 files though. Make sure "soundname" is a wav file to start out with, drag and drop the wav file into OGGDropxpd. You should then have a file named soundname.ogg. Place this into your mission directory and use the command: unit1 say "Soundname" Instead of "playsound".
  10. How do you open them up? Where are they?
  11. I believe the OP is asking for a listing and documentation on all the BIS scripts out there... Not for an explanation on the Vapor Trail script which it appears he already figured out. Personally I'd like to see some documentation on the BIS scripts myself. OFPEC seems to be lacking in this area.
  12. I've got a problem with creating any sort of flying vehicle in a script. With the following script, every flying vehicle I try to use just nose dives into the ground. It's more noticeable over water. Over land, the object attempts to land. Also note that it has nothing to do with the waypoints. If I take those out, the chopper does the same thing. What am I missing? I tried using setVelocity, but that made it even more messed up. With the waypoints in, the chopper just lands and does nothing if my "Flyin1" object is over land. When Flyin1 is over the water, the chopper just crashes into the sea. Thanks for any help. helo = createVehicle ["Mi17_CDF", position Flyin1, [], 0, "FLY"]; helogrp = group leader helo; helo flyInHeight 50; helo setDir 270; sleep 1; _wp0 = helogrp AddWaypoint[position Flyin1, 0]; [helogrp, 0] setWaypointType "MOVE"; [helogrp, 0] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [helogrp, 0] setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; [helogrp, 0] setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _wp1 = helogrp AddWaypoint[GetMarkerPos "Flyin2", 0]; [helogrp, 1] setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp2 = helogrp AddWaypoint[GetMarkerPos "Flyin3", 0]; [helogrp, 2] setWaypointType "MOVE"; helogrp setCurrentWaypoint [helogrp, 1];
  13. Worked like a charm! Thanks! I'd always kind of wondered how the arrays for AddAction worked.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, but no dice. I tried that and it didn't work. One other thing I forgot to mention is that the script works if AI Units are enabled. As soon as you start the mission with AI units disabled, the script doesn't work.
  15. I'm having a problem getting an AddAction script to work correctly in multiplayer. The Action is set on an object which moves the player into cargo of a vehicle. There are three different scripts for three different barrels depending on the player's squad. In Single Player (ie - testing the mission from the editor) the correct AddAction appears depending on what squad the player is in, and all is well. In Multiplayer however, the AddAction only shows up for the squad leaders of each team, and once one of the actions pops up for any of them, all other players can only see that action for that barrel. I'm almost positive that the problem arises from saying "if (player == a1) then { AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "alphaboard.sqf"]" On each barrel I have the following script initialized as nul = [this, alphaboat] execVM "alphabarrel.sqf" Script: _barrel = _this select 0; _boat = _this select 1; sleep 2; if (player == a1) then { _barrel AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "boardalpha.sqf"]; sleep 2; } else { if (player == a2) then { _barrel AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "boardalpha.sqf"]; sleep 2; } else { if (player == alphademo) then { _barrel AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "boardalpha.sqf"]; sleep 2; } else { if (player == a4) then { _barrel AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "boardalpha.sqf"]; sleep 2; } else { if (player == a5) then { _barrel AddAction ["Board Alpha boat", "boardalpha.sqf"]; sleep 2; } else { _barrel AddAction ["Wrong barrel!", "wrongbarrel.sqf"]; sleep 2; } } } } } }; Do I need to pass the unit's variable somehow instead of relying on "player == blah"? How do I do that? Thanks for any help!