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  1. Do you get another hilcoptor though?
  2. Hi All Havent played Arma 2 in a while now, been waiting for an update to 'hopefully' improve some of the technical/performance issues in the Campaign. Can someone let me know if the latest patches 1.03/1.04 or Nividia drivers have actually corrected some of the glitches and improved performace on multicore PC's/Nvidia cards? If yes i may boot it up and have another go? My spec's: Buildt by Cryo (So Not A Slouch PC) I720 running at 3.7mhz 6gig ram 2 x 285's (1M each) in SLI (2.85 drivers - i think) Windows Vista 64 Was getting average 25fps in City and 33fps in open fields/woods. Based on High/Medium settings generally with 3k draw distance. Thanks. DJ
  3. Mcoupe99

    Lots of Vista 64 Issues then BIS?

    Go Figure! You seem to have kit that others have also been complaining about... If you dont mind me asking, what are your video settings in game and your Nvidia control panel settings?
  4. So from my experience and looking at lots of posts, it would appear that even if you have a high spec PC you are not going to get FPS much better than about 30 on averge using Vista 64? So is this something that BIS are working on and can they actually fix the issue....Soon? Or Is it time to add another Windows system and if so which is best for Arma2 and Games generally? Ta DJ
  5. Mcoupe99

    Post you most annoying bug !

    Other than performance issues, it has to be the squad formation, when they wont follow the formation/direction i tell them to. This is damn anoying for an Army sim!!!
  6. I guess the real questions are: Is it a code optimisation issue that BIS will be able to sort out soon or do the majority have to wait for PC's to come out that are man enough and spend hard earned cash to upgrade? i.e., is this a game slighly before its time when it comes to hardware, therefore anoying lots of people who think they have kit that should run the game at highest details? Is this good or bad by BIS? Good long term or bad short term? Or Both?
  7. Mcoupe99


    Didnt help my FPS what so ever. BIS need to get one of our PC's with the issues and see if they sort it out...
  8. Ive now tried 186 drivers and they have caused me big problems. I can now not save in game without it crashing back to desk top? Anyone else getting this? Ive gone back to 182 drivers, but the problem is persisting. It also tried to do an auto save and had the same CTD? Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Removing Vsynch has removed the introduction screen (Carrier) FPS cap of 60 for me. It now goes up to anywhere like 130ish FPS?? Not helping that much in game though.
  10. Physx helped a little, a few FPS at best. Turning Vsynch off has had the biggest impact, jumping my FPS by about another 5 on avergae in the Campaign City section early in the Campaign. In that mission im now getting about 33 Tops, dropping on avergare no lower than 22, except on the odd ocasion down to high teens FPS. im on 182 drivers. Cyrsis 64 SLI on -Winxp -Nosplash might try the latest drivers and see what i get?? I still think its the CPU optimisation, GPU still has lots of guts. Which is odd as i have an oc I7920 @3.7ghz & 6 Gig ram
  11. Mcoupe99

    New evga sli fix works :-)

    Ta, thatll be why i didnt see much change on higher resolutions. I meant winxp, tadge tired. You look to have a similar set-up to mine. What sort of FPS do you get with your settings?
  12. Mcoupe99

    New evga sli fix works :-)

    Ive tried a few things now and am not seeing much difference. I have installed the latest Arma 2 patch and have the following system: Cryo Pc I7 920 @ 3.7ghz 2 x 285 GTX's in SLI 6gig Ram Raid 0 drives Running Gamebooster FRAPS Ive tried the following in diff combinations: crysis.exe crysis64.exe -winzip -nosplash i still dont seem to get much over 35FPS in campaign, average 20 to 30. Get 60FPS in start up screen, which obviosuly is capped. mostly on high/normal settings at 1200-1084 (something like that). Have tried higher and not much difference. i even think i was getting marginally better FPS when i went back to Arma2 and used only 1x285GTX? That seems odd. I get the distinct feeling its not maxing my CPU/Graphic cards, it just wont run any higher for some reason? Optimisation please BIS?
  13. Ill keep playing and see if it goes away.... if not ill just shoot them again.:D
  14. Ill try that thanks. Theyve done the running in front of me sooo many times, i ended shooting them in the legs and leaving them to crawl after me until... well they die of blood loss ;) Oh yeah, sorry. Usually in the normal mode which i think is 'Aware', but i also tried in the others, dont recall much difference apart from them dropping to the floor or raising their guns? Does it make a difference?
  15. Thanks guys. Like i say not good with PC's technically: What is WinXp how and do i run it? What is FRAPS? Thanks