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  1. Apocca

    Omaha Beach Map

    Any ETA? No idea how long such things take. And will it be released as a standalone addon?
  2. Is there a decent Omaha Beach map out there? I found one here, but i can't seem to find a release of it anywhere. I figured it could rather easily be ported to ArmA2. If anyone knows where to get it or something much like it, please tell. I'm not really looking for a Normandy map as much as just a big wide and clear beach. Havn't had much luck with my searches.
  3. I'd love a island with some good big beaches, suitable for some massive D-Day action. Anyone know of one already out?
  4. How do you add multiple conditions for a trigger, that must all be met in order for it to activate? :confused: I just need to check with !Alive if a handful of soldiers are dead, before proceeding.
  5. Apocca

    VopSound 2.1

    Is VopSound just overall bugged up with the new update, or is the M107 sound really not changed? I didn't use Vop till after the update, so i cant tell if simply the mod is lacking, or the update broke it. Many weapons don't seem to be changed at all for me, not at a noticeable level anyway.
  6. Medium dosn't work, and small dosn't seem very small at all anymore. Don't think large worked either.
  7. This is driving me nuts. All enemies with 1.0 skill is ridiculous! How do i add skill to the spawn code??? Can't do any progress in my mission until this is fixed.
  8. Ah, cool :D Can you also change how many hitpoints the building has?
  9. This has always been a big issue for me. I make a great defend map where you have to hold ontop of a building rooftop, but when the first tank pops up, BAM - no more building. Is there any good way of making a building indestructable? Or every building on the map? I know you can place the building as an object with the editor upgrade, however that messes up AI pathfinding, giving me all kinds of trouble. Also, i'm aware of the nearestObject [***, "***"] code. Could that perhaps be used in some way to name a building, giving you the possiblity of doing a this allowDamage false on it or something? Argh, i'm in way above my head.
  10. Ah yes, that is the one. Where can i look up the classnames for bombs/missiles and such? They ain't listed in the classnames thread as far as i can see.
  11. I need some sort of artillery, or basically just big controlled/triggered explosions in my mission. I remember in ArmA, a simple script that spawned a bomb in mid air that dropped down and exploded when the player entered the triggering area. That would be perfect, but unfortunately i lost all my missions for ArmA1 and can't look up the script :( Anyone know how to do this? It was just a line of code in a trigger's activation field, where you could put in huge, big, medium and small types of bombs, depending on the explosion you wanted. And then ofcourse a script in the mission folder. Other methods are welcome too. Bonus Question: Unrelated to the thread, but another thing i never got a reply to: When spawning a unit with the below code, how do you set the skill of the spawned unit? Group1 = CreateGroup East; Group1 createUnit ["RU_Soldier_SL", [(getMarkerPos "Startingpoint") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Startingpoint") select 1,100], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  12. Bump. Still can't get it working. Their skill is far too high. They target and kill in less than a second from 400m distance, with almost 100% accuracy :mad:
  13. What about for setting their skill? If you spawn serveral groups at the same time, will something like Group1 SetSkill 0.1 still work? Wouldn't that only count for the first spawned group? Their skill seems to be maxed. And what about a way to make all enemy units move for the player location at all times?
  14. Seems to work, thanks! Only problem is that the player dosn't start out in the air in the beginning of the mission, and when i manually script halo and setheight in his init, i'm unable to control the fall? Cant steer around, and am stuck in a straight halo line until i open chute. Another thing is the lack of any sound during halo. Where is this "BIS_HALO_Flapping" sound located? This is the init i used btw: this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1,(getpos this select 2) +2000]; [Player1] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO.sqs"; Nevermind, fixed it. Just added the sequence to the init.sqf too.
  15. How would you make people in multiplayer respawn at "BASE", but far up in the air with Halo activated?