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  1. Hi all. At start im noob in arma editor so i wanna ask you how to do it. I would like to create some simple tank mission.Have few question.How to create spawn point for tanks( after tank get destroy i wish its spawn after let say 30 sec in main base , same as player ). Or the best will be if i could choice at flag(i seen this at some server) what vehicle you wanna , to don't keep many objects in base.(you run to flag choice lets say t34 and its spawn in spawn point(its is possible ??) thats for start if any user could give me some tips it would be great. Thanx Tees
  2. I thing i solve this bug i just put my video memory to normal work for me just tested 2h on longesday servers but work my rig cpu: e6850@3,6ghz mem : 4g OCZ raper gpu : hd3870x2 mobo : asus p5q deluxe os : WinXp pro sp3 what its strange whit high video memory i dont lose any fps so i wanna play on hi settings hope future patche will fix this
  3. its not only NVIDIA i have ati HD3870x2 and this same prob