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    Totally Unplayable

    I had all sorts of texturing and performance problems with my 8800GTX (on Windows 7) I downgraded the video driver back to version 182.50 and all my problems went away.
  2. davedontmind

    Missing Waypoint Indicator on HUD? Help!

    The main problem I have with the HUD waypoint marker is that it seems to fade out as it gets toward the centre of my screen. If I turn so the waypoint marker moves towards the left or right side of my screen it's *way* easier to see than when it's directly in front of me. It would be nice to have an option to set the brightness of the marker, or at least not fade it out when it's in front.
  3. davedontmind

    Missing / white textures

    This probably isn't much help to you, since you have an ATi card, and I have an nvidia, but when I had the same problem I found that downgrading my graphic drivers (back to 182.50 for any of you nVida owners with the same problem) fixed it. Perhaps you could try older or newer versions of the ATi driver?
  4. davedontmind

    Command menu problems since 1.02

    I think I've solved my original problem with commands being issued that I didn't select. I removed Kegetys's noblur mod, and I've not had the problem since.
  5. I've only had Arma2 for a couple of days, but I played on the release version all day yesterday without problems. Today I installed the 1.02 patch, but I have wierd problems with the command menu - the game seems to select actions on its own! For example, I get my squad in a vehicle, press Space to bring up the command menu, and the game suddenly issues a "Dismount" command without me actually pressing the mouse button. Or, I press F3 to select one of my squaddies, the command menu appears, then after a couple of seconds the "Get In" command is automatically selected, again with no input from me. Aarrggh! It's so frustrating! I spent several minutes with my squaddies just getting in & out of a vehicle when all i wanted to do was drive them somewhere! Anyone got a clue as to what the problem might be?
  6. I'm near the start of the single player campaign. I've just been assigned the usr of Star Force 21 as a transport helicopter, but I can't figure out how to get it to take me anywhere. I get my team to board it and ..... then what? Have I missed something obvious? Edit: Never mind, I found the answer here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=75162 Not very obvious, though!