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  1. have you done ssd speed check to see what transfered rates. You may find that you need to have better SATA drivers. have you tried different intel matrix drivers. also has your SSD got your latest firmware. Check your responce times in your performance monitoring it should be fantasticly low. some sata drivers link http://www.station-drivers.com/page/intel%20raid.htm also check out this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=88388
  2. Smee

    Installed ACE , can't join ****

    getting same issue missing file/deleted z_tracked, oh2_wheeled version 198 usingm 1.046.o beta sync Have tried deleting all my addon ACE folders and dloaded again still getting same error. have .5 patch and has been running for last couple of ACR patch's any thoughts changed the ace_pla you had to aceX_pla and seems to have worked :) don't think people realising theres an additional addon
  3. Smee

    AI LAV-25 doesn't shoot

    try doing 3/5 enage at will and 3/7 scan horizon can work. Alt direction good for covering a point. Some say status danger helps but will make them go slower. Ai's can work but tend to be slower to respond.
  4. Smee

    I suck what am I doing wrong?

    always set ai to 3/5 enage at will. and use the alt location for them to watch or 3/7 scan horizon. capture camps for respawn. do 0/1 when you get out of veichiles so they regroup on you.
  5. Smee

    ArmA2 8GB RAM Problem

    have to agree with angry here, needs a sort. especial as its well known.
  6. Smee

    ArmA 2 50% off this weekend on Steam.

    even though i love playing Arma2 i cant recommend this knowing how the system spec's is so off. BIC so needed to sort out a few other thinngs before doing this. Hard drive access Ram issues optimisation Can see more massive problems with people having issues.
  7. Are there any plans for improved optimization in future patchs. Maybe better cpu use ( quad core or better ) and greater ram use. (2+ gb's ) I enjoy arma 2 but would like to see improvement in fps. ( multiplayer ) Note not after tech support don't think would go much higher with present system and spec.
  8. Smee

    Very angry at constant CTDs

    normally ddr2 is @ 2.1v you sure on the 1.9 also are you using 2 or 4 sticks. presuming you have 4. Are you running at their set them on auto or trying to overclock timings.
  9. Smee

    Dragon Rising has been released

    tried it didn't like it, don't take that a reason not to try it. Just not for me.
  10. Smee

    Very angry at constant CTDs

    It's very hard to try and assist when you leave out details. If you have tried everything then give in. or try putting what you have tried. list things like are missing from your post. OS which service packs video driver video settings resolution you play @ what point you crashing what patch your using just ranting dont help anyone.
  11. Any way of doing a window with all the symbols for map selection.
  12. Smee

    Team reselect

    will give it a go many thanks :)
  13. Smee

    Team reselect

    I know you can assign team colours but is there a shortcut to reselct a colour. Many thanks.
  14. Does feel that the speed of everthing has restrictors on :( will look forward to trying this
  15. With all the mod's that are being produced will any of them reach packing with patch's. It's like vapour trails I put that on but then had to take it off because servers didn't like it and CBA. Seem's very hit and miss or am I missing something. Yes did have the server key files.