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  1. Ok... I've searched far and wide... and did not find any posts that solves this one: What do I do wrong? sounds[] = {Stop, comeout, whosthere}; class Stop { name = "stop"; sound[] = {\Sound\stoporiwillshoot.ogg, db+0, 1.0}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; class Comeout { name = "comeout"; sound[] = {\Sound\comeoutwithhandsup.ogg, db+0, 1.0}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; class whoisthere { name = "whoisthere"; sound[] = {\Sound\stopwhosthere.ogg, db-8, 1.0}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; }; }; I get this error message: F:\Documents and settings\Erlend\My documents\Arma 2 Other Profiles\Tequnique\missions\RCO_Innameoflove.chernarus\description.ext, line 0:`.`: {`encountered instead of `=` What do you think?
  2. tequnique

    Another sound question:

    Nobody knows anything about this or is interested? If anyone of you ever played Project reality.. you hear the distant firing there... you know what I mean... I wonder if its possible to do the same with the arma engine?
  3. tequnique

    Scriptors World

    Dammit .. couldnt run TS instead? Btw.. Im working on a Scripting framework - with a lot of stuff on it.. If anyone has any nice snippets to send me... do so! We could also add eachother to xfire: My xfire name is: Dharmaman
  4. Thank you that is great... hehe.. Im working like a fruitcake to learn scripting now... as I am creating a single/multiplayer scripting framework to be released at a very much later stage Takes time.. but once I'm more skilled Ill definently see what I can do with this...
  5. How to change the time and date while in game?
  6. Hello guys... I'll return with a specific question :) QUESTION: I wish the AI to paint a target they spot on the map with a marker (IE named "Contact spotted"). I've seen the AI create a sort of target history on the map - so somehow one should be able to return these values and create a marker on them. Reasoning: Later on I wish to bombard that marker with artillery or send in reinforcements to it.
  7. tequnique

    Waypoint loop

    Thanks for the reply.... Ill make my questions more specific in the future. I figured out lot's of stuff, but I still have a few things that remain... I will share my knowledge once I have it coded down
  8. tequnique

    stupid waypoint problem

    Someone mentioned you having to delete waypoints after they are completed.... I am wondering about this very same issue... sombody?
  9. I wish to create the following: A patrol scans for enemies somewhere on the map. As the patrol reveals enemies a marker is spawned at the enemies position. A trigger then calls in a reaction force somewhere else on the map which moves out to deploy near the contact marker (if possible 200m away) The reinforcements will search the area for about 600 seconds and then move back to main base - where they are ready for another alarm. What do you guys things would be the best solution for this?
  10. tequnique

    Creating waypoints

    Thank you very much for your answer here... I will play around with this, then come back with some feedback :)
  11. tequnique

    ACE 2 No map markers

    Thank you for prob solving with me >>> I will do some research and come back to you with some data :)
  12. tequnique

    commanding the ai better

    Very good post :) BIS. Listen to this.
  13. Hey everybody! Thanks for all your good answers to my last posts... I hope you can help me with this on as well :) Now - I have made a distant sound sound compilation - wanting to have weapon firing sounds at meditum and long range. I made this demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D76SHxp12EA My question is: Is it possible to pull this through in Arma 2? If yes - how? Thank you up front! Welfare guys!
  14. Hello everybody! I have a question that I am very eager to have answered by you script fanatics out there.... Situation: I want to run two Forward OP ( Alpha OP and Bravo OP) with a standby Infantry Platoon back at the barracks waiting to reinforce the front lines transported by a Truck (ran by a dedicated driver). Once the Either Alpha OP or Bravo OP spots enemy activity in their sector they will call for reinforcements which will head for the one in contact >>> Deploy their forces in a safe distance from the contact then do a search and destroy in the area for about 600 seconds... >>> return to the truck >>> and then return to base >>> and reset. I had in mind to do something like this: 1) Attach a trigger to the group leader and set it to "guarded by" (in lack of better ideas) 2) Set the drivers of reinf vehciles to a guard waypoint 3) Attach a trigger to reaction force to disembark if enemy is in it and spawn a search and destroy waypoint their attached trigger (to start hunting enemy) 4) Set a base marker for the transport to return to 5) When force has disembarked - order the vehicle to RTB 6) Set a timer for the S&D waypoint to 600 - then activate a call for transport 7) After picking up the Reaction force - they return to base and the scripts resets. QUESTION: How would you guys script this or do this? DO you have any similar scripts? Thank you for your answer!
  15. I just wrote a post on that ... Not only in Multiplayer - but when editing missions.. REALLY bothersome :( It happens when I'm shot and killed... The game does not freeze.. only the keyboard is disabled... HAVE to be fixed!!!