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  1. I agree, upgrading is never the best option, a clean install is always the best place to go. No IE is a blessing, people who use it need to discover how much better Firefox 3.5 is.
  2. Hmm, seen as the demo missions contain hardly any AI on a small island, I would think that a single core would hate the Campaign in the actual game. I struggle to get a playable framerate in the cities and many of the villages with a 2.66ghz Dual Core - on the Scenarios, such as those found in the demo, and custom missions, I get upwards of 40fps. I'm staying off the campaign for the time being becuase it's almost unplayable, instead playing in the editor and through the ported OPF missions.
  3. I have a Nvidia 9800M GTS, which has higher clock speeds but only slightly better overall performance than the 130m, and I have a mixture of High/Normal at 1680x1050 with 100% fillrate. In other words, you should be able to get normal at a decent res, don't see why it shouldn't run.
  4. Gonzo89

    XP or Vista for ARMA 2?

    I've found that Windows 7 x64 has given me far greater performance than Vista, and it appears that is the case for XP as well. On the Arma 2 Mark on Vista I got an average of 22fps, but on W7 I was at 28fps on the same settings.
  5. Click the middle mouse button on the soldier, scroll down and middle mouse 'Drag' or 'Carry'. Same for first aid.
  6. Gonzo89

    Difference between demo and retail?

    The demo has two scenarios which are very different to the main campaign. They are both missions designed to show how the squad mechanics work, whereas the full campaign has all 200km+ of Chernarus to explore. Both retail and the demo have the same build number, currently, although that will obviously change in the future.
  7. By a mile, the 4870. Anything below a 9600 in that range is poor and not recommended for proper gaming. If you want an Nvidia card, go for a 260GTX upwards. The 4870 I can recommend though, it's a solid card.
  8. Gonzo89

    CD Version

    It's a DVD, got mine from Amazon.co.uk, and there is only 1.
  9. You can get the RC1, which is the final pre release before retail. It's free for a year, and will shut down next July. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/download.aspx
  10. That's the main thing that you need to change, that card isn't designed for gaming. Go for something like an ATI 4850 or at least a 260 from GeForce if you want to run ArmA2 well. Also, if you're getting a triple core, you might as well shell out a little bit more for a quad core. If you make those changes, you'll also have to bump up the power supply to 600+. EDIT: Beaten to it :)
  11. Gonzo89

    Zooming? Why?

    In response to your grass problem, I suggest you try this addon, Sap Clutter. I will decrease the grass size and remove unneeded foliage.
  12. This game isn't for you mate, especially if you think OPF looks 'amazing'. Sales are strong, it's the most sold on Steam this week, my local store here in the UK had sold out. Of course MW2 is going to sell loads, its got a wider audience. Arma is fairly niche, but what it does it does brilliantly.
  13. Full or demo? They usually fall back intp formation for me after combat when I ask them to regroup, but occasionally I have to command them too reform the line and if thats the case it's fine.
  14. Gonzo89

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    Reinstall DirectX 9. This solution is in several threads already..
  15. Gonzo89

    What is a good FPS rate?

    I've found that I still find the game very playable down to about 22/23 fps, any lower and it gets a bit sluggish. It feels best 25+, thats really what you should be looking at to get the best out of it.