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  1. Can two servers running in parallel on same machine read from same DDBB?
  2. xisco


    "d:\pathtoarma\arma2.exe" -window - buldozer
  3. I been throught the arma editing tutorial and im about to start an island project. but i have some doubts or thougths maybe you can tell me if im worng: 1. Terrain resolution: Im thinkng on a 10 km x 10 km island with a terrainte texture of 4096 x 4096 px. following the numbers it gives me 2,4 m per pixel ratio ¿right? - taking that in to account. My thought is not to add road textures or nothing with fine detail on the satellite texture map. - That means i hope all road textures will come with a blending ground texture wich will blend with the terrain itself ¿ im right? - same with concrete roads. 2. Terrain ratio and small details. In Chernarus i see more detail in the terrain than 2,4m per pixel. ( ex: fields with texture of been worked by farm machinery) Is this done using some datail textures? 3. Grid. If i put a grid of 10m, that means i will have a 1000 x 1000 squares in the terrain ¿right? if im right, then i can work on a 1000 x 1000 poligons on max and export a height map from 3dmax? Thank!
  4. 120 kb Arma Tactical Combat its the most innovative and team oriented competition nowadays. Our focus is to provide the apropiate environment to clans and individuals as they can play using tactics and strategy, using large scale forces in the battlefield to accomplish the objetives. ATC is not only a series of battles for points. ATC provides an Offensive-Defensive system as long as Spec ops missions ( wich can modify the course of a battle) www.arma-tactical-combat.com
  5. xisco

    Friendly identification

    as far as i remember that text was barely visible in arma 1
  6. xisco

    Friendly identification

    yes!. that is. for me is very frustrating run behind someone and just after figureout my fire-mate is in the other corner. :P
  7. xisco

    Friendly identification

    is for that they have, names in the helmets, or names in the back or color stripers,
  8. xisco

    Friendly identification

    yes. use real faces is an option, but not every one has the knowledge to make textures. And even that, in rl u re aloud to identify ppl even if u dont see his face. i think there need to be another solution.
  9. Friendly identification i suggest here. In reallife, near mates are easy to identify bt voice, shape, uniform gear, names in the back, the face..Just when you play in expert mode u cant see the names of your team mates, this usually causes a lot of confusion situations where u need to ask with who you re behind the rock because you cant recognize him. Thats unrealistic, and i think it need to be improved. i have some suggestions. Friendly id key by distance: u can have a key to fr. id. for example ppl in sight 10 meters around you, can show up his name. Uniform clues. is very dificult to identify fof in uniform clues. maybe having possibility to put names in the back or light color stripes (like some combat units) are good to identify which one is at your side. cheers!