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  1. could you by any chance make a crappy set of regular acu army guys? all you need to do is just change the marine camo to acu and its pretty much all done.
  2. blackhawkdown

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    hello! i was wondering do any of you modders have been working on putting US Army units in arma 2? is anyone doing this? either way could someone help me out? its a pretty easy task the marines are identical in every way but camo. all you would need to do is change the camo to acupat. but i assure you it would be a major hit if you released it on armaholic! again all you would need is just a rifle man, a grenadeer, a corpsman, a team leader and a officer. the task is to just change the textures or in this case camo from Marpat to acupat. i assure you the guns, and armor are both the same. simpily the camo is all the differance? can someone make my little fantasy a reality? or can someone tell me if they are working on it? if i must do it myself, (i wont even release it it would be so bad) what programs could i use? its really easy, everythings practically done, but all that needs to be done is a simple camo change. i cant mod for my life btw.... example of acupat- http://www.usageorge.com/Wallpapers/Military/wallpaper/Army-Man.jpg
  3. blackhawkdown

    Can you halo jump in the editor?

  4. are there any currently made for aram 2 or any compatible ones?:confused:
  5. 1.how do i attach objects to other objects/things? 2. what does the warefare module do? 3. how does the construction module work? 4. how do i halo jump? thanks to those who answer!!!!:cool:
  6. blackhawkdown

    just some noob questions!!!!

    so i just got the game! so first off how do i attach something to a vehicle or something else? what does the warefare module do? if i want a fireteam to go into the hercules and have the pilot take off with the team (me being the leader) and let us parachute somewhere, how would i achieve that without the pilot going wherever the hell he wants and also how do i get the men to eject???, plus what happened to the good ol menu????? it only says they can disembark while flying!:confused:
  7. blackhawkdown

    advanced wounding????

    thank you! but do you know how to attach things to objects or???? and additionally whenever i put the warefare module on the game doesnt load!
  8. blackhawkdown

    advanced wounding????

    i have the 505 version and when i try to play the editor i sync up the battlefield clearance module to my group. there is no advanced healing module! then i shoot a guy on my team witha pistol and he doesnt get hurt like in the campain he just dies or get wounded! how do i get the healing system to be like in the campain????? ---------- Post added at 06:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:37 PM ---------- what i mean is what do i do to get to drag and or carry him?????
  9. blackhawkdown

    So some editor suggestions.

    Okay so about 5 minutes ago my copy came in the mail from england, and well you know its installing.... IM DROOLING!!!! OMG I CANT WAIT! :eek: but can you guys suggest some things to screw around with in the editor? like modules and simple things that will make me all giddy and stuff. such as testing out the game in new ways a vet of arma 1 couldnt do! i cant wait, i might die! ---------- Post added at 05:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:18 PM ---------- its almost done installing!!!!
  10. blackhawkdown

    ARMA 2 Healing System?

    perhaps dying while trying to aid a wounded fellow soldier should be rewarded. and maybe dying should be rellocated. i mean maybe death should be penalized only when it is a stupid mistake and not some sniper from 1 mile away, getting you through the wall of a house, using a 50 caliber anti material rifle!
  11. blackhawkdown

    Modules, what are those???

    excuse me kind sir but i must ask you why you came to the thread that i have opened up? your comment earlier seemed to be flawed. and i ask once again is there only guns and grenades or can we use anything but that?
  12. blackhawkdown

    Modules, what are those???

    i suppose you are his lawyer and or spokesperson?
  13. blackhawkdown

    Modules, what are those???

    :292:alex all i ask is if i can fight without my gun!
  14. blackhawkdown

    Digital or Boxed Copy?

    logic????? when one of my games crashed they said sorry we cant help you it is a 3rd party game. thats terrile service. i bought the game on their store. maybe when one of your products gets messed up you too will come to dislike steam.
  15. blackhawkdown

    Modules, what are those???

    im not joking! are they easy to operate???????? is there one for hand to hand combat?