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  1. I'd love to help but whooosh! Over my head. I just fly the thing man! You need your car fixing? I'm your man! cars don't have configs:D
  2. The screenshot is fugly but the video looks great!
  3. You still with us Myke?:D
  4. @Sickboy. I've read all the Devheaven stuff for the web-client not updating, they were resolved but I still have the issue. The last thing I did was copy and rename the chcp.com to exe and place it in the bin(:)) Have I missed something, or is this still an issue? thanks for the hard work, the mod (and sixupd) is awesome and this is the first issue I've had since release.
  5. BoxiouS

    Other copters?

    Search 'Littlebirds' in the addons section? ETA: These?
  6. WOW. As a big fan of your F-16 I really can't wait for this!!! ETA: Is there any chance of an improved afterburner sound? the engine sounds fine and is very distinctive but the afterburner isn't great. No bother either way though.
  7. Thanks again for this. I just had the endless restart with 2.0.4 but a reset fixed it. A couple of things after monhs of use. 1. The description bubble in the 'Start' tab that you get when you hover over your mods obscures the names when ticking the boxes. Is there any way to space it further from the cursor or, ideally, make it appear on the left. 2. When selecting mod priority, a 'To top' and 'to bottom' button would make things much easier. having to click from the bottom (new mod) all the way up is painful. Especially as the selected mod has a habit of disappearing completely on its' way. Also, is there a chance of more vertical screen space used. I'm getting quite a collection of mods and the small window is a pita. Please take this as constructive. Your mod launcher is fantastic and almost perfect, and your continued support is appreciated.:)
  8. Thanks Alex. I've used that view on the ground but never in the air, (probably because I use a 360 pad (cue even more frowning:D)) that's interesting though, I'm just defragging after installing the latest batch of mods, and I'll give it a go.:)
  9. What is the relevance of your reply? Read the post before getting snotty. :rolleyes: I understand that people don't use the exterior cameras for the sake of realism, but I enjoy the F-16 more than the BIS planes and the cocpit is awful (can't wait for the V2) so I tend to favour the chase cam. It seems to me that the problem lies with the helicopters. The camera is shared between the two aircraft and whilst a locked camera would suit the planes, it would make the helicopters more difficult to fly from an exterior view. (and would probably make you ill.) I gather from the respnoses that it isn't something as simple as a config entry. That's a shame, and I hope at some point either BIS recognises the problem for the minority or one of our many wonderful modders can create a fix.:)
  10. Sorry to bump this. Am I the only person who uses external views for aircraft?
  11. I like to fly looking at my plane but unless I'm flying in a straight line or performing very shallow climbs or dives, I have to use the interior camera. there's no way you can succesfully engage a ground based target from outside the plane. i thought this would've been fixed by now but it hasn't. With all the wonderul mods that have popped up I'm thinking maybe it's possible to mod a locked camera but I'm not sure. If it was that easy then BIS would've done it surely. Unless of course it doesn't bother anyone else?
  12. BoxiouS

    Patch 1.05 DRM removed. Really?

    Non of the online activations, disk checks and keys bother me at all, but having to have the disk in the drive really grinds my gears, luckily it hasn't been an issue since the betas started, but it does drive toward cracked exe files for games I own. Not Arma2 though, with 15 mods running troubleshooting can be a pita as it is, and I can't hit the side of a barn at the best of times without bis messing with my sights:) I was under the impression that drm was used at the game's release as an obstacle (albeit a low one) for pirates just getting the game for the hell of it (before quickly returning to 'generic shooter3') and as the game matures and people feel inclined to get the demo and try it out legally before making their mind up it become less of an issue.
  13. Are the ACEX_SM download files the same as the originals? I noticed 'many mismatched files' when six was doin' it's thing and I'm not sure wether I need to clean up with the updater. Also I noticed someone mention the rifles not working with other soundmods used instead of ACE, is it safe to mix with VOPsound now that we can access the pbos (and does that have to include the rifles.pbo?) Apologies if it's been covered.
  14. Anyone having trouble with AI choppers in latest beta? Trial by fire won't start because the transport won't land. I don't know if this is a beta or ACE issue.