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  1. Its possible to edit mission.sqf in domi 2.60 ? i see only: raP ąz version Mission Z Intro —x OutroWin My OutroLoose z ąz addOns cacharacters2 chernarus CAAir CAWheeled2_LAV25 camisc3 CABuildings
  2. Please i can´t find last domination pack. Please have anyone Domination 2.57z ?
  3. And please, where i can find main mission texts (artilery observers, radio tower and other...)
  4. Lift chopper can lift only some vehicles, can i change it ? I want to lift HMMWV with MG or any APC...
  5. Example of translation (x_m0.sqf): // by Xeno private ["_vehicle", "_poss"]; #include "x_setup.sqf" x_sm_pos = [[8036.37,6174.79,0]]; // radar tower on Gur Dur x_sm_type = "normal"; // "convoy" #ifdef __SMMISSIONS_MARKER__ if (true) exitWith {}; #endif if (X_Client) then { d_current_mission_text = "Radarova vez na hore Gur Dur. Najdete ji a znicte ji."; d_current_mission_resolved_text = "Dobra prace. Radarova vez na hore Gur Dur je znicena."; }; if (isServer) then { __Poss #ifdef __OA__ _vehicle = "Land_Ind_IlluminantTower" createvehicle (_poss); #else _vehicle = "Land_telek1" createvehicle (_poss); #endif _vehicle setVectorUp [0,0,1]; #ifndef __TT__ [_vehicle] execFSM "fsms\XCheckSMHardTarget.fsm"; #else [_vehicle] execFSM "fsms\XCheckSMHardTargetTT.fsm"; #endif sleep 3.21; ["specops", 2, "basic", 3, _poss,50,true] spawn XCreateInf; __AddToExtraVec(_vehicle) }; I just edited: if (X_Client) then { d_current_mission_text = "There is a radar tower on the top of mount Gur Dur. Find it and destroy it."; d_current_mission_resolved_text = "Good job. The radar tower on top of mount Gur Dur is down."; };
  6. Hello, i have a little problem when i translating Domination to my language. When i translate side mission text from english to czech in game i get only "New sidemisson:" and this is all. I edit texts in x_missions/moa
  7. Have you any special server commands??? i need command for MHQ menu to create other vehicle and other...