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  1. TAW_RiEvEr

    Takeoff trim suicide skid flip

    I don't trim for take-off and only had this 'flipping' problem when my joystick was not being read correctly. I chose a different joystick profile (think I went with the Cyborg) and suddenly the control was perfect. The actual drivers for my own joystick 'break' FSX for some reason so I can't use them :)
  2. TAW_RiEvEr

    Question About Resolution and FSAA

    AA = Anti-Aliasing It smooths out 'jaggy' edges on the in-game models.
  3. TAW_RiEvEr

    Frame rate

    I believe you are wrong - I have been informed that if you press ScrollLock+X in game (with XFire running in background) that there is an option to start an FPS meter. QUOTE: If you've got the latest version there is now a taskbar type interface and it has an edit interface mode near the bottom left. I find the new default fps counter and clock to be too big by default but you can resize them I don't normally run XFire (I use Raptr) but I'll go install it now to check. EDIT: Okay - seems like XFire support is not working in ArmA2 and ToH, but it runs fine in other games (LotRO for example, FPS meter works there). If XFire and BI ever manage to support eachother, then it'll be useful but currently no good.
  4. TAW_RiEvEr

    Control issue on take off

    I had a similar issue with my Speedlink Black Widow USB flightstick. The standard windows drivers have it recognised as a 'standard usb joystick' or something like that. Unfortunately, the official drivers for it make FSX unplayable for some reason (constant vibration that can't be turned off and low frame rate) so I can't keep them installed. The fix I found for ToH was to configure the stick in-game as a Saitek Cyborg, now works perfectly with no 'flipping' on take-off. Don't know if this is relevant to your exact issue, but thought I'd mention it.
  5. TAW_RiEvEr

    Frame rate

    I believe XFire also has a built in dynamic framerate display, don't know about other gaming clients.
  6. TAW_RiEvEr

    Help on landing

    I agree, wipe out the deadzones! (Great video btw MD!) ;)
  7. TAW_RiEvEr

    Which new graphic card

    I have had stutters in games before and almost every time the problem has been solved by installing the very latest drivers for my video card (one time it turned out to be something to do with my wireless mouse/kb combo as it stopped once I removed them!). There was one other case (I believe it was ArmA2 ages ago) where I had to roll back two versions of the video drivers to stop stuttering, but once they patched it I was able to go back to the newest drivers again. I knew it was some sort of game/driver issue in every case as, once in LotRO for example, I was getting 106fps and it was still unplayable owing to stutter :D
  8. TAW_RiEvEr

    Auto hover?

    I could never find an auto-hover in FSX and it STILL takes me ages to land there! I love auto-hover :D
  9. I would give the guy a break, simply because most real human beings are incapable of telling how powerful a graphics card is any more as all the manufacturers basically re-badged their crappy old cards for DX11 without saying "Hey, this is an old 7600 with a new number." If we really want to help those less techy users out, someone needs to add the minimum and recommended card numbers from the NEW numbering systems. Honestly guys, I see this all the time. Most end-users think stuff like "My NVidia card is way newer than an old 8800GT, it'll work really well" Perhaps someone could do a link to a chart showing the lack of performance of some of these 'new' cards, particularly the 'S' versions! :) EDIT: took so long over replying that Froggy linked one - great chart, now get someone to add that chart link to the system specs post/page and maybe some newer users will buy the right cards ;) EDIT2: noticed that chart is already linked in the official 'Video Settings' thread, right at the bottom http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=126178
  10. TAW_RiEvEr

    Release time of ToH

    Unless we all Switch to Swatch? http://www.swatch.com/zz_en/internettime/itime_howitworks.html
  11. I, for one, totally appreciate the inclusion of AutoHover in the game/sim :) It got me out of the poop a few times in the beta - great feature. I am finding it to be a very useful 'crutch' as I learn to fly choppers after years of fixed wing experience. When I realise that I have fouled things up badly and the chopper's attitude is about to spin out of control, being able to tap that spacebar and sit back to figure out what I did wrong is terrific! Looking forward to live launch tomorrow.
  12. TAW_RiEvEr

    Release time of ToH

    Central European Summer Time maybe? :D
  13. TAW_RiEvEr

    Release time of ToH

    Mine is pre-loading right now off Steam, expect I'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon for them to unlock it for play though :)
  14. TAW_RiEvEr

    How to take screenshots?

    Steam's built in screenshot facility seems to work, took one by accident yesterday when poking the F keys to see if I could make the game do anything unusual.
  15. I found the same problem when I attempted to play using my Xbox Controller. There seemed to be no way to get the Collective onto the controller and I had to use the keyboard for that function. If someone does know how to operate it from the controller, hopefully they will post. (I just switched to my flightstick, but the controller would be more convenient for casual play in the sitting room ;) )