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  1. GregP

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Apologies -- yes it does, I just figured out how to add them to the launch parameters from within PwS. Thanks!
  2. GregP

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Guys, great mod, thanks for all your work. A question though: I've recently switched from using JSGME to install mods to now use playwithsix. PwS does not have BWmod in their database, and I cannot find any way to load a mod outside of PwS as long as I continue to use PwS for all my other mods. Thus, GLT won't currently load correctly. Any idea how to add BWmod with PwS?
  3. No, the version now available in the BI store for USD $10 is indeed the full version, 347 pages in full.
  4. Hmmm ... perhaps it IS the Firefight Enhancement Mod, as I am using that one. And when I say I lose control of them, I mean other than seeing them right next to me, I have no menu options to communicate with them: there are no unit icons at lower left, my ShackTac HUD disappears completely, and all the radio command menus that would normally let me communicate with them are grayed out.
  5. 100 views and no comments? Is this such an appallingly dumb question that no one wants to stoop low enough to answer? :) Or is this something that nobody else is experiencing?
  6. This may be a dumb question, as I'm fairly new to ARMA3, but I can't figure out why I keep losing control of my AI squad. After some indeterminate time in a scenario, I can no longer communicate with my squadmates nor do they show up on the ShackTac HUD. They're still there, but I can't give them orders. Is radio damage modeled, and maybe my radio is being taken out in firefights, thus preventing me from controlling my squad? If so, I would think I could see some kind of indication in my inventory screen that the radio is non-functional, but I don't. Somewhat related -- anybody know what function has been bound to 'backspace'? What I mean is, I know it calls up complex commands, but how can I remap that to other key? I don't see any commands in the UI that seem to control this function.
  7. GregP

    Commander Vehicle Control

    Hopefully I'm not just stating the obvious here, but being new to ArmA, it took me a while to figure out that my drive commands had nothing to do with where I happened to be looking at the time (when in commander view), but rather with where the tank front end was pointing. You have to rotate the tank around to match up with your view direction before telling it to move forward.
  8. It's been available since last Friday via Nexway (505 Games' online distribution service): http://arma2.nexway.com/payment.html?REF=671796&killcart=1
  9. The bottleneck, without question, is your 8500 GT. Unfortunately, although it satisfies the stated minimum requirement of a 7800, it is quite simply way below what's required.
  10. When a game comes out that pushes your system to the limits, sure, it's annoying, but I think their logic here was correct: the ArmA crowd is pretty hardcore, relative to the gaming community in general, and they tend to be more comfortable with (and willing to) upgrade their systems accordingly. And when trying to draw in new gamers, ArmA-level graphics in 2009 just don't cut it - it's just a fact. That being said, another plain fact is that the 2600XT is just about 2 solid generations old by now. I run a relatively powerful but by no means top-of-the-line system and I can get reasonable framerates at 1920x1080 with all graphics details set to highest. In my mind, my machine is representative of the upper-middle-range of systems the devs had in mind when optimizing the game, and I think that's reasonable because you could certainly design a much, much faster system than what I have (quad-core, or a Core i7, or SLI, or GeForce 295, etc.).
  11. GregP

    Anyway to mute the voices?

    I have to disagree here. It is indeed very cool that they went to the trouble to record all these voices and messages, including in different languages, but the way they string together separate phrases into what is supposed to be a single coherent sentence or statement is just atrocious. In particular if you play the second single-player scenario, "Eye for an Eye", I'd be astonished if anyone can play that and not wince every time one of your guys calls anything out ... it doesn't even sound like the same person saying all the words that it strings together: pitch, volume, background noise all different - total immersion breaker for me. So I too would definitely like to find a way to drop the voice volume sometimes.
  12. GregP

    Arma II Manual ?

    I wrote to Nexway on Friday and have yet to hear anything back.
  13. It's already available worldwide via Nexplay; I bought it and downloaded over night: http://arma2.nexway.com/payment.html?REF=671796&killcart=1