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  1. danieljg

    Armoury AI difficulty?

    That's what I set. I set the enemy AI slider to 0.0 and they all have robot vision and every weapon is a sniper rifle in their hands.
  2. Is the enemy AI in armoury mode always set to be incredibly difficult? They seem to be superhuman no matter how I change the difficulty settings.
  3. danieljg

    Hitscan weapon mods

    Are there any mods that make the game easier by having weapons always hitting where you're aiming, without having to worry about bullet drop ect? Thanks in advance.
  4. danieljg

    Headshot didn't kill an AI?

    It isn't FADE, I'm using the Steam version. PgUp/Down just changes my stance. A bleeding kevelar helmet? He should have been out of the game, and not able to shoot back and kill me in an instant. Is there anywhere in the game where I can buy one of these helmets so I can stand a chance against these Terminators?
  5. danieljg

    Headshot didn't kill an AI?

    It just gets better. Was doing a nighttime steal the item mission with the CZ scoped rifle. There were four enemies guarding the item at a camp. I snuck up to one, couldn't have been more than 50m away from him, had his head exactly in my sights. Fired. Nothing. Didn't even flinch.
  6. I was playing a defend this location challenge with the XM8 in the armoury mode. I shot an an enemy in a ghillie suit square in the head, clear as day, there was blood and everything, yet he didn't die. With a game like this that tries to be realistic and challenging surely shooting someone in the head should register correcty so as to not make an already frustrating game even worse?
  7. Can anyone recommend any?
  8. You can resize it like any other window by dragging the edges.
  9. In the first mission just after the doctor, you can save a woman in a barn. Her face is all messed up, it's like it's stretched and bolted to the floor. I couldn't get a screen but it looks like what you usually see when a graphics card is producing artifacts, but my graphics card is fine. I just bought this game from Steam, didn't expect to deal with this game's infamous amount of bugs already.
  10. danieljg

    Parachute Training Mission

    Double tab or double tap? I tried double tapping ALT but it didn't give me back control.
  11. If I look around while parachuting with the ALT key, I can no longer steer the parachute when I stop. I can finish this mission just fine if I don't look around, but I was just curious as to why I lose control of the parachute like this.
  12. danieljg

    This game is complex, I need help!

    I'd like to, but I don't think my system would agree. It already struggles with ArmA at times... Q6600 2GB RAM 8800GTX
  13. Hi, I'm having a couple of problems with the game. First, I'm finding it hard to hit enemies from the water tower on the Sniper and Convoy mission with the MK12 rifle. I have a legitimate copy, so I don't think this is FADE, unless FADE can sometimes be activated erroneously. I know I have to aim slightly above targets at long distances, but sometimes it seems like I've hit the enemy (no dust puff appears near the ground) but they don't take damage. Is this because of their armour? How many shots should it take to kill them, and should enemies show a reaction when hit in their armour? A couple of missions after this I have to clear out enemy camps with two teams in jeeps... It's too hard since there's so many enemies I just get shot up straight away, or the driver does which leaves me a sitting duck. So I tried to change my tactics and play as the driver and let the AI handle the gun, but he doesn't shoot anything! He's set to engage at will, I don't know what else to do.