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  1. I never pressed the "Games Update" button in TrackIR, that actually caused issues for me in ArmA2 before: worked fine before, but not after updating the game profiles. I simply installed the TrackIR software, enabled it in TkoH, and it 'just works'.
  2. karstux

    TrackIR limits

    You need to re-assign the TrackIR Z axis... I have mine mapped to "Continuous Zoom" (at least I think that's what it's called), then you can zoom in by leaning forward.
  3. This especially unnerved me in the "Operation Arrowhead" reminiscence mission, where you have to follow the attack chopper... "YOU'RE TOO HIGH! I THINK YOU'RE TOO LOW!!" Don't yell at me like that - you just dropped a few feet, gimme a second to follow...
  4. karstux

    Cockpit features

    I'm getting the exact same bug, but I don't think it's related to lightning. I've only had it occur in the Mercenary demo mission, while flying over dense vegetation. No idea how to reproduce it, though. :(
  5. It would be nice if you could convert "ambient" vehicles to "real" cars as soon as the player tries to interact with them. It would be neat to 'bump' random cars off the road, or to stop by touching down in front of them (or shooting at them :)), then steal the vehicle and drive around. I realize the time to release is short, and the suggestion probably unfeasible until then - but maybe it's something you could do later in a patch?
  6. I use an XBox360 controller for flying - it's convenient because it has a lot of axes, and the wife doesn't like to see the huge HOTAS cluttering the desk for weeks on end. :-) It's really nice that the controller is auto-detected and that the button labels are added to the menus. But the default control scheme doesn't make sense. Why isn't the collective on the analog stick? I've set it up like this: Left stick - analog collective. Right stick - cyclic. Shoulder triggers - pedals. Also, it should be possible to customize the response curves without deleting the default scheme...
  7. karstux

    Terrain Detail

    I guess it's a matter of where you're coming from: if you're used to FPS ground detail like ArmA, of course the TKOH textures will seem very lacking. But when comparing to other flight sims, the ground textures are actually not bad at all. And if you look at the file size of the game (7.5 GB for "Seattle light" alone, yikes!), a lot of which would be ground textures, you'll see they can't reasonably increase the resolution much without making the game unfeasible for digital distribution. I think the biggest immersion-killer are the blurry roads. As part of the ground texture, they just don't provide the detail which would be necessary. A road system like in Crysis, where the roads are separate textures that get layered on the ground (and hence, can have much higher resolution and detail) would work wonders for TKOH. The necessary meta-data for laying out the roads is probably even already in, seeing how the ambient traffic follows the (blurry) roads. Of course, the game being not even a month from release, this is unfeasible by now. A pity!
  8. The sprocket downloader gave me 1.8 MB/s this morning at 7 a.m. - I guess it's a matter of picking the least-crowded time :)
  9. The city flight video is amazing, I can't wait to navigate those urban canyons myself! But yes, the ambient traffic could use improvement...
  10. Yes, my mainboard (ASUS Commando) even has a 'CMOS reset' button which supposedly should restore factory settings - doesn't work. There's also another failsafe mechanism which should restore a corrupt BIOS from a ROM image on a USB key - doesn't seem to trigger. I'm not even getting a display signal from this MoBo anymore... My error was using the Windows-based BIOS flash utility. It failed on the first attempt, then crashed when trying to open it. After that, the system didn't boot anymore. From now on - only DOS flashing tools!
  11. As 'luck' would have it, my mainboard died last night in a BIOS update failure. So I guess I'm in for a more extensive upgrade than I originally thought! :) After researching prices for the new Sandy Bridge CPUs, I've come to see you're right... a socket 775 CPU would have been a bad investment. A Core i3 2100, a decent new mainboard and 8 GB of DDR3 aren't as expensive as I thought, either.
  12. @b101_uk: Benchmarking current performance is a good idea! Do you think that performance under ArmAII is a good indicator for TKOH? @PuFu Well, the mainboard supports the latest Core2 CPUs, which aren't too pricey (100-150 EUR will buy a E8500 or Q8400) and would give a decent (single-thread) performance boost over the E6600 at stock clock speeds, and in case of the quadcore even more cores, if the game can make use of them. However I googled a bit and found that the E6600 is apparently a good candidate for overclocking... I have a good heatsink attached, maybe I'll try how much speed I can get out of what I have.
  13. I have a fairly old gaming computer which played ARMAII okay-ish, and I want to upgrade a bit for TKOH. I have a fairly limited budget to do so, so I need to decide on a component... GPU or CPU. My rig is currently built like this: Core2Duo E6600 GeForce 260 GTS 8 GB RAM 128GB SSD RAM and HD are big and fast enough, I just wonder if for the ARMA engine I'm currently more CPU- or GPU-limited. If GPU-limited, should I go for AMD (Radeon 6850?) or nVidia (GeForce 550 Ti?), and if CPU-limited, should I choose parallelism (Core2Quad Q8400 @2.6 GHz) or clock speed (Core2Duo E8400 @3GHz, more cache)? I'd appreciate some opinions! :-)
  14. Hey, that's great news! Also, only 1.5 months till release? I haven't been following the announcements much, but was prepared for a much longer wait. :-) I'm really looking forward to dusting off the HOTAS next month, thanks BIS!
  15. karstux

    ArmA2 Firing Range gameplay footage

    I'll probably get this for an Euro or two, if it provides some gameplay and good gyroscopic controls (as in ngmoco's Eliminate: Gun Range, which is fun, but buggy).